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  • Bringing shadow IT into the light

    In this era of cloud-based business solutions, it is easier than ever for companies to get the functionality they need almost immediately through a cloud provider.

  • Shadow IT: Queensland audit uncovers cloud sprawl

    A recent scan of the Queensland government’s Internet gateway revealed the use of thousands of instances of cloud services across departments — and in many cases the ICT teams of the departments are unaware that the services are being used.

  • The rise of the chief integration officer

    Chief information officers may have shrinking budgets and shrinking teams but the importance of technology to enterprises means that CIOs and their IT organisations will continue to play a vital role in businesses.

  • 'Shadow IT' growing, study finds

    More than a fifth of the spending on information technology by Australian businesses is taking place outside of IT departments, according to new research.

  • How Medibank embraced cloud, overcame shadow IT

    Medibank is allowing staff outside of the IT department to sign up to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to reduce website hosting costs, while at the same time including IT security in the process, according to Medibank enterprise security manager Mark Burns.

  • Seeing through Google’s rose coloured glass darkly

    It’s not news that the seemingly never-ending stream of new and disruptive technologies is affecting every facet of society. When innovative, appealing and easy-to-use technologies come on to the market, most of us adopt them almost without hesitation.

  • Successful companies embrace shadow IT

    Businesses move quickly, and those that make missteps along the way or fail to adapt to the times rarely go unscathed. Consider the fate of the original 12 companies listed in the Dow. While General Electric is still an independent company, most of the others have been acquired by larger companies or have vanished altogether.