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  • Twitter launches the Tweet Button

    Twitter has launched its Tweet Button, whose goal is to simplify the sharing of Web links on Twitter both for Web publishers and for end users.

  • Facebook improves photo album browsing

    Facebook has implemented some changes to enhance the experience of browsing through photos, one of the most popular activities on the social networking site, to which people have uploaded tens of billions of images.

  • Federal Election 2010: Liberal Party's social media strategy

    The Liberal Party's social media presence throughout the Federal election campaign has been patchy at best, hallmarked by a PR 'broadcast'-style approach and is typified by Opposition leader Tony Abbott, who hasn't bothered tweeting in almost a month.

  • Google drops Google Wave

    A little more than a year after the service was launched, Google is pulling the plug on its Google Wave social-networking service, the company said Wednesday.

  • Twitter encounters more digital certificate problems

    Twitter is having trouble again with a digital certificate that secures communications to its Web site, which has been causing trouble for third-party applications that integrate with it, but the problem may have been fixed.

  • Flipboard launches iPad app to adulation, rush of users

    Flipboard, a new iPad application that presents the news links in a user's Twitter and Facebook media streams in the style of a magazine, launched to immediate adulation on Wednesday but the rush of users meant a few glitches for early adopters.

  • Old Spice Guy: Most Brilliant Ad Campaign Ever?

    The Old Spice Guy is perfect, obviously. Zero body fat, the supernatural ability to embody masculine ideals, and a baritone deadpan delivery that instantly unleashes awesome into the world.

  • Startup crunches social media buzz numbers

    Turning the black art of tracking customer feedback through blogs and social networking services into a science has become a successful service at Sydney-based startup BuzzNumbers.

  • Man claims 84 percent ownership of Facebook

    A New York man has filed suit against Facebook claiming he owns 84 percent of the world's largest social network. Paul D. Ceglia, the man behind the lawsuit filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, claims Facebook owes him damages relating to a 2003 contract between Ceglia and Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.