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  • The challenges of UX and crowdsourced testing

    The testing landscape is changing. In a recent forum that brought together software quality CIOs, CDOs and IT professionals, the salient point that came across was that the customer experience based testing is becoming the norm.

  • IT skills shortage could delay software development: Report

    The IT skills shortage continues to plague executives and developers alike and could lead to significant delays in the development of software and systems, according to a benchmarking report by a NATA accredited software testing firm.

  • Careers Q&A: Planit's Chris Carter

    Founder and managing director of software testing firm, Planit, Carter has been a big advocate of software testing skills and requirements over the years, setting up the Australian New Zealand Testing Board (ANZTB) for the proliferation of standards qualifications locally. <i>Computerworld Australia</i> caught up with Carter to talk about the importance of software testing and where it's headed in the future.

  • Citrus squeezes SOA with open source test suite

    A Java-based testing framework, dubbed Citrus, aims to automate integration testing of message-based enterprise service-orientated artchitecture (SOA) applications by simulating surrounding systems across multiple protocols.

Tutorials about software testing
  • Are your developers unit testing?

    Recurring bugs in software development are normally a sign of a problem in the development process. Unit testing is one method used by development teams to solve this problem. At its core, unit testing is about writing a series of independent small tests to check that individual functions within the code base are doing the right thing.