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  • Stanford AI Index finds rapid technical progress and industry growth

    ​The number of academic papers containing the phrase ‘artificial intelligence’ has increased nine-fold since 1996, while the number of active (US-based) start-ups developing AI systems has increased by 14 times since the turn of the millennium, according to Stanford University’s inaugural AI Index.

  • iSelect eyes more speech analytics after $350K spend

    Despite spending upwards of $350,000 on a speech analytics system, Melbourne based insurance broker iSelect is looking to expand its existing call centre software to support better real-time processing, including possible emotion recognition.

  • Windows Phone 7 to excel on speech

    Hoping to leapfrog over Google and Apple's successes in the smartphone market, Microsoft plans to use cloud-based speech recognition and natural language processing technology to offer user interface capabilities not found on the iPhone or Android devices.