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  • Symantec vows huge push into SaaS market

    At its Financial Analyst Day event in San Francisco Thursday, Symantec's top executives vowed a major push into software-as-a service and also offered a glimpse at upcoming back-up products. Enrique Salem, president and CEO, kicked off the event with the investment industry's analysts by saying Symantec intends to expand into software-as-a-service, an area in which it already has experience (the company now backs up 32 petabytes of customer data in the cloud with continuing growth at 5 petabytes each quarter). Salem predicted SaaS, in which Symantec will have new offerings, could comprise "15% of total revenues in the next five years."

  • Symantec, McAfee to pay fines over auto-renewals

    Antivirus vendors Symantec and McAfee have agreed to pay the New York Attorney General's office US$375,000 in fines to settle charges that they automatically charged customers software subscription renewal fees without their permission.

  • IT heads get green thumbs: Symantec

    A new global survey boasts senior-level IT decision makers are further justifying green IT solutions by more than cost and IT efficiency benefits, by showing increasing interest in green IT strategies and solutions.

  • 90 percent of e-mail is spam, Symantec says

    Spammers seem to be working a little bit harder these days, according to Symantec, which reported Tuesday that unsolicited e-mail made up 90.4 percent of messages on corporate networks last month.

  • Symantec sees slowdown in security sales

    Citing a slowdown in sales of its security and compliance products and weakness in international currencies, Symantec said Wednesday that it would post a US$249 million loss for the quarter ending April 3.