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  • In pictures: Digital Realty's Melbourne II data centre

    In pictures: Digital Realty's Melbourne II data centre

    Digital Realty recently opened its second Melbourne data centre on a 30,250 square metre property in the Paramount Park Industrial Complex. The facility was visited by Uptime Institute inspectors for its Tier III certification.

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  • One in three datacentre servers is a zombie

    A new study says that 30% of all physical servers in data centers are comatose, or are using energy but delivering no useful information. What's remarkable is that that percentage hasn't changed since 2008, when a separate study showed the same thing.

  • Data centers are the new polluters

    U.S. data centers are using more electricity than they need. It takes 34 power plants, each capable of generating 500 megawatts of electricity, to power all the data centers in operation today. By 2020, the nation will need another 17 similarly sized power plants to meet projected data center energy demands as economic activity becomes increasingly digital.