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  • No need to regulate ISP peering arrangements, ACCC says

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has welcomed moves by Telstra, Optus and TPG — which along with Verizon are sometimes dubbed the ‘gang of four’ — to publish the criteria which they use to assess requests by other ISPs to enter peering arrangements.

  • Vocus guns for US Cloud providers

    Fibre wholesaler Vocus (ASX:VOC) has moved to position itself as a key capacity provider for US companies selling Cloud services to Australian customers via South East Asia.

  • 2012: Year of machine to machine (M2M) communications?

    Machine to machine (M2M) communications may have had a subdued year in Australia during 2011, but telco services provider Verizon Business is expecting big things of one of the underlying technologies of smart grids, smart homes and e-health in 2012.

  • FCC moves toward implementing net neutrality rules

    Remember those net neutrality rules the U.S. Federal Communications Commission passed back in December? The agency is taking steps toward finally implementing them, although the rules still won't go into effect for months.

  • Verizon: Advanced persistant threat is overblown

    When Google admitted last year that it had been targeted by sophisticated hackers, possibly from China, it introduced a new term into the high technology lexicon -- the advanced persistent threat. These attacks are sophisticated, targeted, and almost impossible to stop. But according to Verizon, they're also a lot less common than most people think.

  • Kerry, McCain introduced online privacy bill

    Two high-profile U.S. senators have introduced legislation designed to give consumers more control over what information about them is collected online, but privacy advocates said the bill will do little to curb wide-spread data-collection practices now in place.

  • Verizon Business service adds mobile device toolkit

    Verizon Business today announced a hosted service to help customers develop and deploy applications such as CRM software across multiple devices such as the iPhone, Symbian, Windows Phone 7 and, soon, Android.

  • Verizon expands into Canberra data centre market

    Less than six months after launching into the Canberra data centre market, Verizon Business has announced plans to expand its federal government business off the back of stronger than expected demand for its cloud services offering.

  • Verizon uses VMware for enterprise cloud service

    Verizon Business is tapping into the popularity of VMware technology with a cloud computing service designed to let customers easily move workloads between their own infrastructure and Verizon's cloud.

  • Verizon to tie cloud storage with computing

    Verizon Business is set to announce a cloud-based storage service on Tuesday, leveraging the formidable Verizon Communications global data network as a draw for large enterprises to subscribe.

  • Verizon eyes Sydney, Melbourne data centres

    Verizon Business is evaluating the launch of Sydney and Melbourne data centres as it seeks to encourage customers to adopt its cloud services offering, Computing as a Service (CaaS).