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  • Where giant companies are in their cloud journeys

    CIOs at Humana, Progressive, Vanguard, Western Union and other huge companies talk candidly about where they are with cloud computing -- some are "all in" with all things cloud, others are proceeding more cautiously with, say, public cloud for specific types of apps -- and some of the lessons they've learned along the way. Skills development, avoiding vendor lock-in and security issues are all on their minds, too.

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  • Western Union implements enterprise data hub on its path to deliver an omni-channel customer experience

    Read how Western Union built an enterprise data hub to drive actionable insights that help the company create products and services that are relevant to its customers. • Transformation at Western Union is driven by massive amounts of transactional data • Western Union strives to support and simplify this volume from different channels and devices • Customer experience and security, risk and compliance will benefit from a solution that brings together structured and unstructured data stores