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  • Student services provider re-architects, jumps to Microsoft's cloud

    Student Edge, a student card provider that offers information and access to discounts for secondary and tertiary students, has completed a complete re-architecture of its dated core systems that run its online portal. In the process, the company made the leap from its own hardware to running in Windows Azure.

  • Hadoop on Windows Azure: Hive vs. JavaScript for processing big data

    For some time Microsoft didn't offer a solution for processing big data in cloud environments. SQL Server is good for storage, but its ability to analyze terabytes of data is limited. Hadoop, which was designed for this purpose, is written in Java and was not available to .Net developers. So, Microsoft launched the Hadoop on Windows Azure service to make it possible to distribute the load and speed up big data computations.

  • Microsoft previews Internet Explorer 10

    Preaching the mantra of HTML5, Microsoft has begun offering a preview of its planned Internet Explorer 10 browser, which emphasises the critical Web specification and its visual effects.

  • Computershare cuts costs in the cloud

    Australian investor services giant Computershare this week revealed that it had rebuilt its most highly trafficked sites on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform, sending them live in the first week of August.

  • Microsoft TechEd event to shed light on cloud computing plans

    <a href="">Microsoft</a> will shed more light on its cloud computing strategy next week at the annual <a href="">TechEd</a> conference in New Orleans.

  • Microsoft weaves management technology into cloud vision

    Microsoft's plans for cloud computing don't stop with infrastructure and applications. Company executives say Microsoft will also provide the heterogeneous management layer that customers will need to optimize application performance on-premises or in hosted environments.

  • Microsoft opens up Azure to local audience

    Microsoft has launched its Azure cloud platform in Australia, letting developers deploy applications on the company's data centres in North American, Europe and in the Asia Pacific.

  • Ballmer's 10 years with Microsoft and the Internet

    Ten years ago on Jan. 13, 2000, Microsoft's Bill Gates turned over the CEO reins to Steve Ballmer, who emphasized then that the Internet would be the target for much of the company's new software development efforts.

  • Java developers get .Net data link

    Java developers can more easily link Microsoft .Net-based data through an interoperability bridge offered by France-based Noelios, Microsoft and Noelios said on Monday.