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  • Windows Phone 7 'preview' winning generally good reviews

    Microsoft announced a broader release of the latest build of its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, and it's getting good reviews from developers. The company also says it started shipping thousands of prototype handsets to software developers around the world.

  • iPhone 4 FAQ: What exactly did Apple do?

    Apple announced several measures Friday to keep iPhone 4 users "happy" and to turn the controversy over the smartphone's occasional reception issues into a "non-issue." Again.

  • iPhone rules smartphone roost

    More consumers will be buying a smartphone in the next three months than ever before. And the big winner, by a big margin, is the super-achieving Apple iPhone.

  • IBM:Tiered mobile data pricing here to stay

    While many may hate the tiered pricing models that AT&T rolled out last month, they're also likely the future of mobile data consumption according to analysis by IBM

  • Russian spy ring needed some serious IT help

    The Russian ring charged this week with spying on the United States faced some of the common <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/032610-5-great-open-source-desktop-security.html?fsrc=netflash-rss ">security problems</a> that plague many companies -- misconfigured wireless networks, users writing passwords on slips of paper and laptop <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/podcasts/panorama/2009/061009pan-joelbomgar.html">help desk  issues</a> that take months to resolve.

  • iFixit strips iPhone 4 down to bare metal

    The iFixit.com team has put the screwdrivers to Apple's new iPhone 4 and taken it apart. As usual, they haven't uncovered anything earth-shakingly new in the smartphone but the exercise in gadget voyeurism is, as always, pretty fascinating.