WikiLeaks: LulzSec DOS teaches CIA a lesson

Sophos tells LulzSec to grow up

WikiLeaks has applauded Lulz Security’s (LulzSec) denial of service (DOS) attack on CIA's website, with the Twitter account of the group tweeting that the CIA will now understand the meaning of “WTF” — a reference to the CIA's WikiLeaks Task Force, which has been investigating the group's release of classified US government documents.

The WikiLeaks account tweeted that "WikiLeaks supporters, LulzSec, take down CIA", which has "a task force into WikiLeaks".

The attack follows a number of high profile LulzSec DOS attacks and infiltrations, including hacking into a US cyber security company, the publication of data obtained from servers belonging to the US Senate and infiltration of the network of game publisher Bethesda. The group has also established a US-based hotline, which has been periodically redirected to other numbers, including the FBI and US security firm HBGary, according to the @LulzSec Twitter account.

Security vendor Sophos today issued a statement condemning LulzSec, with head of technology at Sophos Asia-Pacific, Paul Ducklin, saying LulzSec needs to use its skills in a more constructive way.

"If you consider yourself a hacker and you have time to spare, grow some moral spine and use your skills for active benefit,” Ducklin said in a statement. “Follow the lead of a guy like Johnny Long and I dare you to look at his site and decide that LulzSec is a more worthwhile cause.”

The vendor's web monitoring and security appliance now blocks access to the website, returning the error: "This site contains material that is widely regarded as illegal or related to criminal activities."

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