Stories by Clare Haney

Rambus Asks ITC to Investigate Hyundai Imports

SAN FRANCISCO (09/12/2000) - A U.S. designer of high-speed memory interface technologies, Rambus Inc., late Monday said it has asked the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to look into allegations of unlawful imports by South Korean company Hyundai Electronics Industries Co. Ltd. and its U.S. subsidiary, Hyundai Electronics America.

Dell, Toshiba Sign Components Pact Valued at $US5B

Toshiba America Electronics Components (TAEC) Monday announced its parent company Toshiba has signed a deal to supply Dell Computer Corp. with components on a worldwide basis. Initially due to run for three years, the deal has a potential value during that period of $US5 billion.

Having MS as Key Partner Is 'Double-Edged Sword'

U.S. digital rights management specialist ContentGuard Inc. announced expansion on all fronts here this week at the Seybold publishing show. In addition to the upcoming release of version 1.3 of its software and growth in its consultancy business, the company also said it is expanding its intellectual property protection coverage from electronic books to include audio and video.

Intel Files Motion in Remainder of Via Case

SAN FRANCISCO (08/31/2000) - Intel Corp. Wednesday filed a motion in the remaining piece of its patent infringement case against Taiwanese chipset vendor Via Technologies Inc. Although the two parties settled the majority of their legal dispute last month, both companies agreed to keep this particular litigation ongoing, according to an Intel spokesman.

Jobs: OS X Public Beta to Be Out in Two Weeks

SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - The public beta for Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X will be rolled out on Sept. 13 at the Apple Expo in Paris, company Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs said in a keynote speech here Tuesday in which he addressed the OS delay with humor.

Digital Rights Management Vendor Extends Reach

SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - U.S. digital rights management specialist ContentGuard Inc., known for its work in the electronic books space, Tuesday made good on its commitment to broaden its reach to cover other media.

Microsoft, Amazon to Bring 'EBooks to the Masses' is teaming up with Microsoft to create an electronic bookstore, the two companies announced Monday. Although the companies wouldn't be drawn on exactly when the Amazon eBook store will appear, both parties said it will be "as soon as possible."
Amazon will offer Microsoft Reader as the "preferred format and preferred reading appliance" for its upcoming eBook store, according to Lyn Blake, general manager of Amazon Books. Microsoft Reader is software that enables users to read electronic books, including a technology known as ClearType, designed to improve on-screen text resolution.

Microsoft, Amazon Plan E-Bookstore

Microsoft Corp. and Inc. are creating a new co-branded electronic bookstore, officials from the companies said Monday during a speech at the Seybold San Francisco conference.

Microsoft VP: Stealing Bits Is Stealing

What is the publishing community's biggest fear?
That it might be faced with the kind of copyright turmoil the recording industry is currently dealing with, thanks to music-sharing Web sites such as Napster.

ADIC Embraces Latest Storage Tape Standard - LTO

SAN FRANCISCO (08/24/2000) - Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) Thursday announced strong support for the latest tape storage standard -- LTO (linear tape open). The U.S. storage specialist plans to launch a new range of LTO-based automated tape libraries covering its full product portfolio. The new standard will enable midrange tape libraries to match some of the storage capabilities of current mainframe-level systems, ADIC said.

Motorola Prepares to Decommission Iridium Network

Motorola, the primary backer of bankrupt satellite venture Iridium LLC, is in the process of drawing up a schedule to decommission Iridium's 66 LEO (low-earth orbit) satellites, a Motorola spokesman confirmed Thursday.

Former Oracle Second-in-Command Secures New Job

After his surprise departure from Oracle
early last month, Ray Lane, the former second-in-command at the U.S. database,
tools and applications vendor, has found himself a new role in the venture
capital world.

How the Internet can help place 700,000 chicken wings

You're a business with a major problem. You have 700,000 frozen teriyaki chicken wings already branded for a major food distributor, when the distributor suddenly announces that it doesn't want the goods any more. What do you do?
Where it already exists worldwide, the excess consumer goods market is still largely paper-based.

Oracle's Linuxisation of software almost complete

Oracle is close to having its entire software portfolio running on Linux, with last week's announcement that the company's Internet Application Server (iAS) 8i will support the open-source operating system.

Corel Interim CEO: Main Challenge Is Profitability

SAN FRANCISCO (08/16/2000) - Returning battered software vendor Corel Corp. to
profitability is the major challenge facing the new man in the Corel chief
executive officer hotseat, he said Wednesday.