Stories by Clare Haney

Oracle, Compaq Team Up on Net Appliances

Oracle Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp. are collaborating on an Net appliance which is due to appear next month through distribution partners, Larry Ellison, Oracle chairman and chief executive officer announced here Monday at his keynote address and during an earlier press conference.

COMDEX: MS TabletPCs to debut 2002 at laptop prices

Microsoft is hoping to debut its TabletPC sometime in 2002 with the device being sold by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) at "laptop prices", key members of the Microsoft development team said here Sunday.

HP Backs W2K Datacenter, Expects Slow Adoption

Hewlett-Packard added its voice Tuesday to those of other major computers vendors announcing support for Microsoft Corp.'s first attack on the information center -- Windows 2000 Datacenter Server operating system. As of now, HP's 8-way NetServer LXr 8500DC will support the new Microsoft OS, while a 32-way NetServer system running Windows 2000 Datacenter is due to appear at the start of 2001, according to Rich Archuleta, vice president and general manager of HP's network server division.

CMGI Looking to Take AltaVista Public Next Year

SAN FRANCISCO (09/21/2000) - CMGI Inc. considers the first part of next year as likely to constitute "optimal timing" for taking its AltaVista Co. Net search engine subsidiary public, according to CMGI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Wetherell.

Northern Light Brings Search Closer to Eudora

SAN FRANCISCO (09/18/2000) - U.S. search engine company Northern Light Technology Inc. Monday received a major endorsement from wireless communications company Qualcomm Inc. The two companies announced a tie-up, whereby users of a version of Qualcomm's Eudora e-mail service gain easy access to Northern Light's search engine.

CEO, Analysts Herald AltaVista's Refocus on Search

Both AltaVista Co.'s chief and analysts Friday welcomed the company's decision to refocus its energies on its core Net search business as a way to increase its profitability. The vendor announced earlier Friday that it had laid off one quarter of its staff and was stepping down its efforts to establish a media portal business.

AltaVista Refocuses, Cuts 25 Percent of Staff

SAN FRANCISCO (09/15/2000) - Search engine company AltaVista Co. Friday announced it has cut 25 percent of its workforce and is quitting the media portal business. The moves represent a return by the company to its core search engine business in hopes of ramping up its profitability.

Amazon Downplays EPIC's Decision Wednesday appeared unconcerned following the Electronic Privacy Information Center's decision announced earlier in the day to end its relationship with the online retailer over Amazon's new privacy policy.

Intel's Grove to Discuss Early Life in Next Book

Already well known for his books on business and technology, the next literary outing from Intel Chairman Andy Grove will take a more personal turn, according to his publisher Warner Books.

Harris Interactive Drops ISP Lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO (09/12/2000) - Harris Interactive Inc. has dropped its lawsuit against a number of leading ISPs (Internet service providers) and an antispam organization, the U.S. online market research company announced Tuesday. Harris Interactive had already removed both Microsoft Corp. and America Online Inc. from the legal action.