Stories by Sandra Van Dijk

Tren teknologi pada layar radar

Para manajer TI harus memperhatikan secara sistematis teknologi-teknologi kunci yang berpeluang besar dalam memberikan dampak pada industri mereka

Tech trends on the radar screen

Each year IT managers must deal with the mammoth task of identifying the key technologies that will drive business change for their organisation. Faced with hundreds of technologies, many new and immature, the IT manager must systematically focus on those likely to impact their industry.

Old mantras facilitate the decline of IT

The old mantras of "doing more with less" and getting "more bang for your buck" are threatening the viability of the modern IT organisation, according to Mark McDonald, Gartner's vice president of executive programs.

Enterprise Buyers Guide for Tablets: Connectivity, Pricing and Contracts

At least 40 per cent of tablets sold in 2014 will be linked to a communication service provider (CSP) contract, according to Gartner. The research firm said CSPs will shift their current subsidy strategy for mobile broadband from notebooks to tablets to take advantage of the hype surrounding these new devices.

How to find meaning in IT change management

There are few areas of IT that generate as much confusion as change management. Most IT organisations today have a plethora of tools with many different IT domains that are misidentified as change management tools.

Enterprise storage buyer's guide: Market roundup

Australia is the second biggest market for storage systems within the Asia Pacific region. Market growth in 2011 is likely to be in the range of 55 per cent, according to Gartner. One factor that definitely influences purchasing is movement in the competitive landscape, specifically mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, which change often. Gartner predicts storage consolidation will continue as a larger portfolio of vendors attempt to add strategic functionality to their offerings. Following is a roundup of market changes involving the biggest players.