Stories by Peter Young

Queensland govt scores top marks in bioscience

Victoria trails Queensland among state governments that are energetically supporting bioscience and needs to fine-tune its Bio 21 initiative, according to one of the bioIT industry's most unusual executives, Michael Armitage.

Australian Spectrum Going for a Song

Watch those prices plummet! That's the pundits' prognostication on Australia's looming auction of third-generation (3G) mobile phone spectrum.

ISP Pyramids Australian Customers

SYDNEY (08/10/2000) - Thousands of Australians may be customers of Sky,
a U.S.-based ISP (Internet service provider) accused of pyramid selling. Sky is a subsidiary of Hamilton, Bermuda-based Sky Biz International Ltd.

Online Shopping -- How Bazaar

Australians love to flash that plastic online. They rank with the best online shoppers, according to a study of Internet users in 34 countries. They are as willing to use credit cards online as their North American counterparts, and even more inclined than U.S. consumers to do their banking online.

E-Commerce cranks up Australian economy

The first study to feed electronic commerce into a computer model of the entire Australian economy has identified the winners and losers among states and occupation groups.

Red Faces over Slow Deliveries

They find the physical delivery of electronically ordered goods is threatening to turn into an Achilles heel. As a result, Australia's transport industry is starting to grapple with new models for delivering goods that better fit the needs of electronic commerce.

Net Lawyers too Busy to Laugh

Legal rib-ticklers (Why don't sharks attack lawyers? Professional courtesy.) are trotted out on site after site set up solely to take the mickey out of lawyers.

Derailed acquisition poses problems for Telstra

Eisa's successful rival bid for OzEmail leaves it virtually neck-and-neck with Telstra in terms of residential Internet subscribers.
Instead of an 800,000-customer behemoth dwarfing all comers, Telstra will now level peg with eisa/OzEmail at around 400,000 subscribers each.

Storm Signals in Venture Capital World

There is a growing gap between the Australian government's rhetoric on capital gains reforms and what it intends putting into practise, according to Australian Venture Capital Association (AVCAL) chairman John Murray.

Free ISP Model Hits Trouble in Australia

A sign of the trouble that free ISPs (Internet service providers) are having in Australia is FreeNet's decision to close registrations from the general public to its free access services.

Little Guys Uneasy About Digital Certificates

"Ninety-nine percent of small business wouldn't have a bloody clue about PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)," says Rob Bastian, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia.