Stories by Jeremy Kirk

Panda fixes flaw in antivirus products

Panda Software has fixed a flaw in its antivirus products that could have allowed an attack resulting in control over a user's computer, a company spokesman said Friday.

Enterprises try blogs, but fear remains

Blogs -- now thought of generally as mere personal digital depositories with sometimes questionable value -- are slowly making inroads at the enterprise level, as companies increasingly realize that the tight sense of community around them works well for collaboration as well as enhancing social bonds between employees.

Sober variant on rise, security firm warns

The latest variant of the Sober worm is aiming for the top virus of the year spot, with a staggering one in 14 e-mails circulated on the Internet containing it as of Monday morning, according to the antivirus vendor Sophos.

MySQL AB to counter Oracle buy of Innobase

Six weeks after Oracle bought Finnish software developer Innobase Oy, MySQL AB is working to provide its customers with an alternative to the open-source InnoDB database engine often used at the heart of its product, a MySQL executive said Tuesday.

Identity specification gains speed, group says

The Liberty Alliance Project, a consortium of companies and organizations that works on standards for federated identity, announced Monday that products from several major companies have passed recent interoperability tests using the specification it backs.

Microsoft says it won't support SAML 2.0

Microsoft will stick by the set of protocols it has picked for identity federation, a concept that includes single sign-on (SSO) for several different Web portals and secure transfers of data between partnered businesses.

Vista security an issue at show

Microsoft has placed security as one of the top selling points for the Windows Vista OS, due out at the end of next year. But exactly how much more secure Vista will be than its predecessors is a point of concern here at the Microsoft IT Forum 2005 in Barcelona.

Microsoft updates plans for 64-bit computing

Microsoft fleshed out its road map for transitioning customers to 64-bit computing and unveiled updates to several of its management and server products at its IT Forum 2005 conference in Barcelona on Tuesday.

Yahoo drops out of AOL bidding

Yahoo scuttled talks to take an interest in America Online (AOL) after learning the proposed terms of the deal, a company spokeswoman said Thursday.

Survey: Security concerns over IP convergence

As viruses and malicious software bloom, senior executives across a range of industries see security as their top concern in implementing converged Internet Protocol) (IP) networks, according to a joint study released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and AT&T.

Microsoft release targets enterprise database market

In a product launch hailed as one of the biggest in the company's history, Microsoft officially released SQL Server 2005 on Monday, its first upgrade of the database software in five years in a heated enterprise market.

Amazon plans to sell online access to books plans to offer two programs next year that will allow customers to buy digitized books and portions of them in combination with its traditional, mail-order book service.

Microsoft moves to digitize British Library

The scanning race has started: Microsoft announced an agreement Friday to scan 25 million pages from the British Library's collection that will eventually be made available on its MSN Book Search site next year.