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  • How to check on your cloud provider

    Potential cloud-services customers face a tough problem: How can they trust cloud providers enough to hire them when the providers refuse to reveal important infrastructure details for reasons of security and practicality?

  • Tablet usage explodes in enterprise

    A new survey of business IT buyers shows demand for the new-style tablets is exploding in the enterprise. One big surprise is the willingness of enterprises to use tablets such as the iPad to replace laptops, for years the main mobile computing platform for companies.

  • SMB market prime target for Cloud services: Dell

    The data centre of the future will be “an empty room” for many small and medium businesses (SMBs), according to Dell Services software and product development vice president, Mark Bilger.

  • NextDC listed on ASX

    NextDC has begun trading on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) following a $40 million initial public offering (IPO) capital raising.

  • Feds to cut 800-plus data centers by 2015

    WASHINGTON - The White House Thursday announced plans to restructure IT by consolidating federal government data centers and applications, and adopting a so-called "cloud first" policy.

  • Five predictions: How virtual networking will change the network industry

    The industry reached a "virtual" tipping point in 2009 when, according to IDC, the number of newly installed virtual machines surpassed the number of newly installed physical servers. This inflection point is having a profound impact on how we manage, secure and provision IT resources. No doubt the network will look completely different in just a few years too, but here are five predictions for how virtualization will change networking in 2011.

  • F5 gets more cloud-friendly

    F5 is making file virtualization more cloud friendly with the introduction of software that translates storage protocols, making it possible to store files in public or private cloud networks using a range of technologies.