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  • Google Wave gets a second life from Apache

    Rumors of the death of Google Wave are perhaps somewhat exaggerated. Google may have pulled the plug on the short-lived Google Wave, but the concept lives on in an open source project being embraced by the Apache Software Foundation.

  • Facebook e-mail is the missing piece of the puzzle

    Facebook has an invitation-only media event planned for Monday, and most of the media and tech blogosphere are speculating that the social network plans to unveil its own Web-based e-mail service. If those predictions are accurate, Facebook e-mail will provide a critical missing element for Facebook as a business marketing and communications platform.

  • Gmail Facelift Makes Contacts Less Pretty

    Google decided to revamp Gmail to make its contacts easier to use and more business-friendly, but I already hate it. If you're like me, using Google's Web-based e-mail since 2004, maybe you've watched Muzzle, random signature, and Google Buzz come and go used the automatic vacation responder and may even have integrated Gmail with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Microsoft rolls out Hotmail enhancements

    Microsoft is set to begin rolling out the latest enhancements to its Hotmail Web mail service, with an aim to reduce clutter and make it easier to send photos and handle Office documents.

  • WA department impersonated in Nigerian email scam

    Perpetrators of Nigerian scams have turned West Australian government agency, ScamNet, against itself, impersonating the department to fleece $9000 from an unknown West Australian woman. This is the second time that hoaxers have impersonated a West Australian government agency, the first occurring when [[artnid:328180|they impersonated the WA Police in December 2009|WA Police leveraged in PayPal email scam]].

  • Italy's new certified e-mail service has shaky start

    Italy's new certified e-mail system, which will enable citizens to enter into a secure official dialogue with local and central government, was encountering teething problems for a third straight day Wednesday.

  • E-mail accounts of foreign journalists in China hacked

    The e-mail accounts of eight foreign journalists working in China and Taiwan were hacked recently, leading Yahoo to suspend several of the accounts last week, the Foreign Correspondent's Club of China (FCCC) said Wednesday.

  • Google fixes bug affecting Apps sync tool for Outlook

    Google has found a fix for a bug that affected Google Apps' <a href="">Sync for Microsoft Outlook</a> by preventing some e-mails from being downloaded from Gmail servers to the Outlook program on end-users' PCs.