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  • ISPs reluctant to filter outbound spam

    With spam volumes rising relentlessly a new survey claims to have detected an iota of worry among service providers. It seems many of them would love to do something about it but don't know what.

  • Judge permanently shuts down ISP catering to spam, porn

    A U.S. district court judge has ordered the permanent closure of an Internet service provider long accused of hosting and distributing spam, spyware, child pornography and other illegal content, at the request of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

  • Internode overhauls FTTH plans

    Internode has announced price cuts, quota boosts and a doubling of upstream speeds for its Internode Home Fibre services in a bid to increase take up of its fibre offerings.

  • iiNet buys Netspace (updated)

    iiNet (ASX: IIN) will shore up business in Victoria and Tasmania, announcing it will buy fellow internet service provider, Netspace. iiNet chief executive officer, Michael Malone, said the company had entered into a binding agreement to acquire Netspace for $40 million as part of the provider’s strategy to increase market share to 15 per cent.

  • After weeklong fight, rogue ISP Troyak struggles for life

    After an international take-down effort, a rogue ISP responsible for controlling large numbers of computers infected with data-stealing code is down for the moment, but it may be reconnecting with the Internet, according to security researchers.

  • Internode ramps up capacity on Southern Cross' US link

    Australian ISP Internode today announced a newly signed agreement with international bandwidth wholesaler, Southern Cross Cable Network. The new agreement will provide an additional 2.5 gigabits per second (Gbps) capacity on Southern Cross' international fibre.

  • NBN Co won't dob on job seekers

    The National Broadband Network Company (NBNCo) has poured cold water on reports it will contact the employers of prospect executives who attempt to jump ship from other telecommunications providers.