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  • Q&A: Brighton Grammar director of ICT, David Humphreys

    Victoria-based Brighton Grammar School is no stranger to a significant ICT project, with the school currently in the process of replacing textbooks with tablets to provide a more interactive and collaborative way of learning and teaching.

  • Climate activists ply hack and trade

    While politicians continue to bicker about the establishment of an carbon emissions trading scheme, activist hackers have taken matters into their own hands smearing the European Climate Exchange web site with anti-cap and trade messages.

  • All eyes on Australia as Conroy pushes net filter

    Governments and organisations around the world are intently watching Australia as the Federal Government continues to peddle the proposed ISP-level Internet filter, former GetUp executive director and AccessNow founder, Brett Solomon, has revealed.

  • ABC to continue Q&A Twitter experiment

    The ABC has flagged it will forge ahead with its screening of Twitter comments on its live interactive talk show Q&A as the broadcaster seeks to find a way to merge social media and television.