Stories by China Martens

Standards will help users keep their virtual clothes on

As the number of virtual environments increases, standards and vendor collaboration will help make teleporting between different worlds a smooth experience, ensuring, for instance, that your avatar arrives in a new world still wearing the clothes it donned in your home world., Google release first joint product and Google announced a strategic global partnership Tuesday, but it wasn't the widely expected tight integration between Google Apps and's hosted CRM (customer relationship management) software. Instead, the two vendors brought out their first jointly developed and co-marketed product combining Google AdWords with Salesforce on-demand CRM.

FSF issues 'last-call' GPLv3, encourages adoption

The Free Software Foundation has released the fourth or "last-call" draft of the third version of its GNU general public license, set a date for its official publication, and laid out reasons why the free and open-source software community should adopt GPLv3 sooner rather than later.

More jobs likely to go at CA

Software vendor CA expects to continue restructuring its operations, which is likely to result in further reductions in its headcount, according to the company's chief financial officer.

SAP to buy OutlookSoft to get closer to CFOs

Business applications vendor SAP is making another acquisition aimed at filling out its product portfolio to better meet the needs of chief financial officers (CFOs). The company announced late Tuesday plans to buy U.S. corporate performance management software company OutlookSoft for an undisclosed sum.

Sun: The bulk of Java is open sourced

Sun Microsystems announced Tuesday it has finished the process of making the bulk of its core Java technology available as open-source software under the GNU general public license version 2 (GPLv2). The vendor made the announcement at its JavaOne conference in San Francisco.