Stories by Marc Ferranti

ERP and the Net: Mutate or Die

Over the past few years, a cold wind has blown through the market for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, one of the hottest IT business trends of the mid-1990s. But even though some users have cooled on rushing to implement traditional ERP systems, and profits of some of the software's vendors seem frozen at year-ago levels, the technology has the potential to evolve and become, if anything, even more important in the Internet-fueled new economy.

The New Economy Beckons: What Are You Worth?

"What's your job worth?" The topic of the latest meeting of the New York-based Silicon Alley Breakfast Club gets to the heart of what is obsessing many workers involved in the Internet-driven "new economy."

Destiny Unveils MPE Music E-Commerce Technology

E-commerce executives have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how to make money out of MP3, the wildly popular music file format that up until recently afforded no way to protect copyrighted material for widespread digital distribution. Destiny Media Technologies Ltd., which today unveiled its MPE file format and related encryption and distribution technology here, says it has the answer.

Bricks, Clicks: We Can Learn from Each Other

Even as they vie for customers on the Web, smart executives at traditional retailers and pure-play Internet startups realize they can learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, and from how they tackle common problems from different points of view.

Diller: Even Old Media Moguls Can Learn New Tricks

Television and new media magnate Barry Diller has lost tens of millions of dollars trying to figure out how to launch Internet sites that crashed and burned, never to return to life, he openly conceded today to a crowd here at Gartner Group Inc.'s Internet & Electronic Commerce (iEC) show.

Priceline and the Importance of Getting to 'Wow'

How can companies build Web sites that add a million new customers every few months? According to Inc. Founder and Vice Chairman Jay Walker, who has succeeded in building a business that does just that, it can be boiled down to just one thing.

Picking Stocks -- It's All About Infrastructure

As the co-founder of financial-advice site Inc., James Cramer gets invited to industry conferences like Gartner Group Inc.'s Internet & Electronic Commerce (iEC) show ostensibly to talk about the trials of giving birth to an Internet startup. But today, the fast-talking stock guru gave the audience what it really came to hear -- the way to pick winning stocks and make a lot of money.

EDS Packages Services for Businesses of All Sizes

In a departure from tradition, U.S. computer services giant Electronic Data Systems Corp. (EDS) today announced it is packaging Web hosting and network management services ranging from bite-sized, fixed-price offerings for small companies to heftier a la carte menus for capital-rich businesses jumping into electronic commerce in a big way.

Aiming at Linux, Corel and Inprise to merge

Pointing toward opportunities in the growing market for the Linux operating system and related software, Corel and Inprise (formerly Borland) yesterday announced that they have agreed to merge.

Aiming at Linux, Corel and Inprise to Merge

Pointing toward opportunities in the growing market for the Linux operating system and related software, Corel Corp. and Inprise Corp. (formerly Borland Corp.) today announced that they have agreed to merge.

After Dell's Warning: Analysts Up, Shares Down

In the wake of Dell Computer Corp.'s warning yesterday regarding fourth-quarter earnings, several investment brokerages actually raised their recommendations on the company's stock. The brokerages' endorsements of the company, however, were not enough to prevent the value of Dell shares from slipping during extremely heavy trading today.

Nortel Ends 1999 on Strong Earnings

Saying that its carrier and service provider business remains strong, Nortel Networks Corp. today reported operational earnings for the fourth quarter, which ended Dec. 31, 1999, of US$755 million, or 55 cents per share.

Lucent Profits Miss Lowered Analyst Estimates

Lucent Technologies Inc. today reported that income for the first quarter of the 2000 fiscal year was at the low end of the company's forecast, thus missing analyst expectations by 1 cent. Disruptions in customer buying patterns and a lack of manufacturing capacity for in-demand products were blamed for the disappointing earnings results.