Stories by John Ribeiro

Red Hat eyes client opportunities

Red Hat Inc. is accelerating development of Linux for the desktop and handheld clients, but sees considerable work to complete before facing Microsoft Corp. in the consumer market, according to the company's chief executive officer (CEO).

Agencies examine ICT role in economic development

A low-cost, mass-produced device that melds computer and communications capabilities is just one idea that came out of a meeting, ending last Friday, of international agencies that examined the role of information and communications technologies (ICT) in global economic development.

HP to expand Debian Linux support

In an effort to cater to vertical markets and customers who want customized applications that require changes to the Linux kernel, Hewlett-Packard is planning to expand support offerings to customers who run the Debian Project's version of the operating system.

Veritas expands R&D in India

Storage software vendor Veritas Software announced Tuesday that it plans to expand its research and development (R&D) operations in India by hiring 300 new staff at its Pune facility over the next year.

IBM teams with I-flex on banking applications

IBM and Indian banking product software company I-flex Solutions announced Thursday an alliance to market core banking applications to medium-size and large banks in major markets worldwide. The applications, consisting of IBM middleware and computers, and I-flex's banking software products, are targeted as a replacement for legacy systems in banks.

SAP details plans for expansion of India unit

SAP AG's facility in Bangalore, India will not only develop key new products for the company, but will also work on the localization of software for customers in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, according to a company executive.

Sierra Atlantic links PeopleSoft to rival applications

PeopleSoft is to offer its customers packaged business process integration software products from Sierra Atlantic Inc. that will enable PeopleSoft enterprise applications to integrate with enterprise applications from its competitors like SAP AG and Oracle Corp, according to a Sierra Atlantic executive.

Yahoo may continue AltaVista site, executive says

Yahoo Inc. may continue with the AltaVista Web site ( after it completes its acquisition of Overture Services Inc., and may use some of AltaVista's search technologies on its own portal sites, according to an executive of Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo. AltaVista, a provider of Web search services and technology, is currently a business of Overture.

Yahoo sets up India development center

Yahoo Inc. has set up a software development center in Bangalore that will focus on the development of new products and technologies to be deployed by Yahoo's Web sites worldwide.

Oracle bid helps SAP, CEO says

Uncertainty surrounding Oracle Corp.'s hostile bid for PeopleSoft Inc. has helped increase customer interest in products from rival SAP AG, although the extent of any resulting migration will only be known in the next four to six months, according to Henning Kagermann, chief executive officer (CEO) of SAP in Walldorf, Germany.