Stories by Linda Rosencrance

PNC, Perot Launch B-to-B E-billing Venture

PNC Bank Corp. and Perot Systems Corp. today announced a 50/50 joint venture that will allow businesses to issue bills and pay them online. PNC said BillingZone will be the first electronic service to target the business market exclusively.

DoubleClick Does About-Face on Privacy Issue

The CEO of New York-based DoubleClick Inc. has announced that the online advertising firm won't merge names with anonymous Internet users' activity, at least for the immediate future.

Railinc Launches Freight Traffic Site

Railinc Corp., a Cary, N.C.-based railroad industry technology vendor, yesterday launched, a Web site that's designed to make it easier for customers to ship freight with more than 300 freight rail carriers.

Sabre Airline System Down for Two Hours

The world's largest airline reservation system, operated by Sabre Holdings Corp., went off-line yesterday, leaving airlines including US Airways Group Inc. and American Airlines, travel agencies and consumers unable to access its reservation systems for two hours.

Microsoft Changes How It Employs Permatemps

Beginning July 1, Microsoft Corp.'s so-called "permatemps" will have to take a 100-day hiatus - up from 31 days - after one year of full-time work at the company. Permatemps are long-term temporary employees who may work at a company for years without the benefits given to permanent employees.

McGraw-Hill Sues

New York-based McGraw-Hill Cos. has filed a lawsuit against and its principal owner, Cahners Business Information in Newton, Mass., alleging the company misappropriated confidential and proprietary business information and engaged in unfair business practices.

Virginia Senate Approves Software Law

A plan that would give vendors the power to disable software if they believe the user has violated the contract terms is one step closer to becoming law.

Service Set Up to Study E-Shoppers

Blue Martini Software Inc. has launched a service for online merchants that analyzes Web site data to help increase revenue and retain customers.

FedEx Domain Suit Filed

A small Edison, N.J., company that developed an online medical referral system has filed suit against shipping giant Federal Express Corp. to retain the right to use the domain name.

FedEx Sued by N.J. Firm

Dostana Enterprises LLC, a small New Jersey online company, has filed suit against shipping giant Federal Express Corp. to retain the right to use the domain name.