Stories by Sam Costello

Xerox reduces 1997-2001 income by $1.4 billion

The wildfire of accounting controversies engulfing Enron Corp. and tech-sector companies such as WorldCom Inc. is scorching another company Friday as Xerox Corp. announced that it would have to restate its 1997 to 2001 earnings due to accounting irregularities, a move that will reduce the company's pretax income over that period by US$1.4 billion.

Report: SEC sues WorldCom for fraud, information

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York against WorldCom Inc. Wednesday, charging the company with fraud and asking a court to block the destruction of documents and the payment of extraordinary bonuses to executives.

Flaws in OpenSSH could put servers at risk

A pair of security vulnerabilities in a suite of tools used to send encrypted traffic to servers could allow attackers to run code of their choice on affected servers or cause denial of service attacks, according to a handful of security alerts released Wednesday.

Palladium concerns Microsoft's competitors, not lawyers

Microsoft's Palladium security system has sparked concern among some of the company's competitors in the operating system market, as well as with consumer and digital-rights advocates, but lawyers and security companies are less troubled.

Users question JPEG virus, McAfee stands firm

Users and antivirus vendors are questioning the seriousness of a virus announced recently by McAfee Security, a division of Network Associates, as well as the manner in which McAfee doled out details about the virus.

Apache exploit circulating, users urged to patch

If users have put off patching their Apache Web servers against the vulnerability discovered Monday, they should wait no longer, as an exploit to attack the security hole is now circulating on the Internet, according to Oliver Friedrichs, director of engineering at SecurityFocus Inc.

Will Aussie teleportation news improve cryptography?

Earlier this week researchers at the Australian National University said they had successfully teleported a laser beam, a development which the researchers said in press reports would have deep implications for computing and cryptography. But not so fast, say some scientists and security experts in the United States.

Proxim buys Agere's wireless LAN ops for $65M

Making a move that the company says will make it the leader in wireless networking equipment, Proxim Corp. Monday said that it has agreed to purchase Agere Systems Inc.'s wireless networking equipment business for US$65 million in cash.

McAfee: New virus is first to infect image files

A new virus can, for the first time, infect image files, according to antivirus software company McAfee Security, a division of Network Associates. This means that the virus could be spread through Web sites containing infected image files, and force antivirus companies to re-engineer their products, McAfee officials said.

Oracle patches two holes in 9i database

Oracle released patches for two security holes in its 9i database last week that could have allowed an attacker to take over or run code on affected systems.

Microsoft patches patch, moves to fill Gopher hole

Microsoft released two security bulletins late Tuesday, the first updating a patch the company released for a handful of its chat software clients in May and the second detailing a work-around to a flaw in its Internet Explorer Web browser that comes as a result of the aging Gopher protocol.

IDC offers new supercomputer measurements

A new measurement system recently announced by market research firm IDC could give supercomputer customers a new way to measure the performance of those systems and more accurately evaluate them before purchase, according to the company.

Akonix secures instant messaging, peer-to-peer

The job of a network administrator is a busy and demanding one made only harder when users install unauthorized software, as they're prone to doing. A new company, however, is working to make administrators' lives a bit easier when it comes to managing these "rogue" applications.

Sun patches two Solaris security holes

Sun Microsystems Inc. released a patch that closed two security holes in its Solaris operating system Tuesday. The holes could have allowed an attacker to take control of vulnerable systems.

Avaya unveils new multimedia CRM tools

With an eye toward giving its users more ways to interact with their clients, Avaya Inc. Monday announced the release of its new Multimedia Contact Center customer relationship management (CRM) suite, which helps companies deal with their customers using the Web, e-mail, and phone.