Stories by Kuriko Miyake

Toshiba claims battery breakthrough

Toshiba Corp.'s affiliate Toshiba Battery Co. Ltd. has developed a nickel-zinc based disposable battery, which has proved in tests to last five times as long as standard alkaline batteries, the company announced Wednesday. The battery -- which Toshiba stressed is disposable not rechargeable -- is expected to be used for mobile devices, especially digital still cameras.

Sony bulks up tape storage capacity

As the volume of data increases with the rollout of broadband services, Sony Corp. plans to keep extending the capabilities of its line of tape drives with greater capacities and faster transfer speeds, the company announced on Monday at the Storage Networking World 2001 Fall exhibition here.

DoCoMo to recall 3G handsets

NTT DoCoMo Inc. is already recalling handsets for the 3G (third-generation) mobile communication service it launched in October, the company announced Monday.

TI to roll out new DSP for 2G streaming video

Texas Instruments Inc. will support Japanese company Office Noa Inc.'s unique codec (coder/decoder) technology, which allows for smooth streaming video on mobile handsets via existing networks and for less power consumption of the handsets, the two companies announced Thursday.

Panasonic to launch durable PDA

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. unveiled a rugged PDA (personal digital assistant) which is water resistant and can withstand drops of up to 1.2 meters, the company announced Tuesday. The ProNote FG Handy, to be sold in North America as the Toughbook 01, is the company's first PDA device, the company said.

Fujitsu ships high-speed flash memory

Fujitsu last week started shipping samples of its new 128M-bit flash memory chips, which are targeted at makers of car navigation systems, printers and mobile phones, the company said. The new flash chips include a 32-bit data bus that supports faster data processing speeds.

Lotus, DoCoMo to develop 3G business applications

IBM subsidiary Lotus Software Group and NTT DoCoMo have signed a memorandum to jointly develop business applications for NTT DoCoMo's 3G (third-generation) service, known by the brand name FOMA, NTT DoCoMo announced Thursday.

Furukawa gets Lucent fiber unit for less, cuts jobs

Lucent Technologies and Japanese telecommunication cable maker Furukawa Electric have reached an agreement whereby Lucent will sell its optical-fiber unit to Furukawa and U.S. company CommScope for US$2.3 billion, of which CommScope's share will be $173 million, Furukawa announced Friday.

Matsushita reports a large H1 loss

Matsushita Electric Industrial made a large net loss for the first half of fiscal year 2001, the company reported Tuesday. It also predicted that the severe economic environment will continue through the current fiscal year, and revised its full-year earnings forecast to a greater net loss.

PeopleSoft to offer ERP apps via I-mode in Japan

PeopleSoft's Japanese unit and two other companies will work together to build and market ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems using I-mode, NTT DoCoMo's wireless Internet service, the companies said Monday.

Japan's government updates its e-Japan strategy

The "e-Japan" strategy, which sets out Japan's goal to become the world's most advanced IT nation by 2005, is well on its way to achieving its goals, according to the government minister responsible for information technology speaking at the Strategic Conference on e-Government in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Toshiba, Matsushita in talks to merge LCD units

Toshiba and Matsushita Electric Industrial , better known by its Panasonic brand name, have reached a basic agreement to merge their LCD (liquid crystal display) operations, according to a report in the Wednesday morning edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.