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  • Web analytics forecast for 2010

    Enterprise customer intelligence firm, Webtrends, has come up with a set of key predictions for the web analytics industry in 2010

  • Online publishing for the cheap and lazy

    I'm a lazy cheapskate. And I'm often on the move. But as a columnist, I'm also interested in exposing as many readers as possible to my brilliant insights - which means I should engage in social media and online publishing.

  • Web gurus reveal how to attract and keep users

    Anyone who is building a Web-based community, whether it be a social network or other application, faces the same initial hurdle as sites such as Digg did: getting those first few regular users can be quite difficult.

  • Lonely? Why not buy some Facebook friends

    Are you totally reprehensible and feeling lonely? Or maybe you're just a struggling business looking for some instant online companionship? The firm <a href="">Usocial</a> has the answer for you -- buy Facebook friends and fans.

  • Yahoo!7 introduces new interface, third party apps

    Yahoo!7 Mail has moved to compete with social media giant Facebook through the introduction of a new look and feel to its Web email offering and a range of new features and third party applications.

  • Forrester: Social networking grows up

    Companies can begin to target people over the age of 34 with media campaigns that leverage social networks as that age group has become the largest segment using Facebook, Twitter and other social media, a new study from Forrester Research claims.