UPDATED: Which NBN plan is best?

Computerworld Australia takes a look at what plans telcos are offering for the NBN

The rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has a long way to go, but already there are areas that have been hooked up with NBN Co's fibre and that have ended their testing phase. As a result RSPs — retail service providers, the NBN equivalent of ISPs — have begun offering fibre services using the new network.

Most RSPs are offering plans on 24-month contracts, with Internode, Club Telco and SkyMesh being some of few to offer NBN plans on a month-by-month basis.

Updated 16 August, 2012 - Engin, Harbour ISP and SkyMesh plans added.

Updated 19 June, 2012.

Some RSPs are also trying to tempt customers with added-extras or discounts, such as free setup. iPrimus currently has the biggest discount, offering the first six months of 24-month bundled plans for half price.

What's clear is that already plans on the NBN are competitive when compared to many ADSL2 plans, especially when you look at what's on offer from some of the smaller players, such as Exetel.

Below, Computerworld Australia has compiled a snapshot of the current state of consumer NBN plans.

Club Telco

Club Telco’s plans are on a month-by-month basis. However, users signing up to a plan must pay a $50 annual ‘membership’. This membership means users do not have to pay a set-up fee unless a new phone line connection is needed and they receive a 5 per cent discount for bundled plans of internet and phone and a 10 per cent discount if a mobile service is added. The telco also will not charge for any costs involved with setting up a new connection if users move unless a new phone line connection is needed. Computerworld Australia has calculated the minimum cost of the contract on a 12-month basis plus the $50 membership fee.


Twelve and 24-month plans are available with DeVoteD NBN. On 24-month plans, free set-up is included. Download traffic is also only counted towards quota. Minimum costs have been calculated on a 24-month basis with no set-up fee.

Bundled plans include the phone starter pack, which includes a $9.95 monthly fee, free on-net calls and charges for mobile, landline and international calls.


Exetel plans include a $100 set-up fee and are on a 12-month contract. Uploads are not charged.


Engin only offers three plans on the NBN and does not charge any set-up costs. Plans with the company are based on a 24-month contract. Computerworld Australia has based minimum contract charges in a 24-month basis.

Harbour ISP

Harbour ISP plans are based on a six-month contract. Minimum contract costs have been calculated on a six-month contract.


iiNet plans are based on 24-month contracts and subject to peak periods of 8am-2am peak and 2am-8am off-peak. iiNet also has data packs which provide extra data usage — $10 for 5GB; $14 for 10GB; $30 for 25GB; $50 for 50GB; and $80 for 100GB.


Internode’s plans are on a month-by-month basis, with 24-month contracts available (same monthly cost for both). However, users who sign up for a 24-month contract will not have to pay the $99 set-up fee. Minimum charges quoted are on a 24-month contract basis.


The iPrimus No Worries plans have no set-up fee on 24-month contracts. The first six months of the plan is also half price. The iPrimus broadband plans receive a $10 discount when bundled with a fibre phone service. The broadband only plans are also subject to an on peak and off peak data allowance (10am-2am peak), excluding the 1TB plans. Minimum costs are calculated on a 24-month contract.


MyNetFone also provides Data Boosts which allow consumers to add 100GB to 1TB of extra quota to their plan. Plans cost $15 for 100GB to $40 for 1TB. Free set-up is included on 24-month plans, as well as a free router. Minimum costs have been calculated on a 24-month contract with no set-up fee.


Optus customers can save $10 on broadband only plans if they are an Optus mobile customer. All NBN plans include an NBN wifi modem. A $79 connection fee applies to all Optus plans.


SkyMesh plans come with a 'normal data allowance' and 'bonus data' which can be used during the offpeak times of between midnight and 7am. Computerworld Australia has included both the normal data allowance and bonus data together in the plans listed below. Normal Data can be used at any time and is used during off peak hours once users have exceeded their bonus data allowance. Users can receive a $10 discount by bundling their existing eligible landline telephone service with their broadband service. SkyMesh has no set-up fees and plans are on a month-to-month basis. Minimum contract prices have been calculated on a 12-month basis.


All Telstra plans are on 24-month contracts. All Telstra T-Bundle plans include free installation, free BigPond Velocity Home Network Gateway and in-home set-up. For non-T-Bundle plans, installation costs $349, which includes the BigPond Velocity Home Network Gateway. BigPond plans are per month when consumers have a Telstra home phone and BigPond broadband benefit, which requires a Telstra full service home phone plan on a single bill with the BigPond Broadband service on a 24-month plan. Telstra’s NBN plans are limited to 500GB.

Up to $50

Plan Price Speed (Mbps) Data allowance Min. contract cost
Harbour ISP * $29.95 12/1 15GB $179.70
SkyMesh NBN-FA15* $29.95 12/1 15GB $359.40
Harbour ISP * $34.95 12/1 20GB $209.70
SkyMesh NBN-FA20* $34.95 12/1 20GB $419.40
Club Telco Bronze* $35.00 12/1 10GB $470.00
Exetel NBN 12-50* $35.00 12/1 50GB $520.00
DeVoteD NBN* $39.95 12/1 10GB $958.80
Harbour ISP * $39.95 25/5 15GB $239.40
MyNetFone NBN Basic* $39.95 12/1 20GB $958.80
SkyMesh NBN-FA40* $39.95 12/1 40GB $479.40
SkyMesh NBN-FB20* $39.95 25/5 20GB $479.40
SkyMesh NBN-FC20* $39.95 25/10 20GB $479.40
Optus Broadband with Mobile~ $39.99 12/1 40GB $1494.76
Exetel NBN 25/5-50* $40.00 25/5 50GB $580.00
Harbour ISP * $44.90 25/5 20GB $269.40
Harbour ISP * $44.95 50/20 15GB $269.40
SkyMesh NBN-FB40* $44.95 25/5 40GB $539.40
SkyMesh NBN-FD20* $44.95 50/20 20GB $539.40
Exetel NBN 25/10-50* $45.00 25/10 50GB $640.00
Exetel NBN 100-25* $45.00 100/40 25GB $640.00
DeVoteD NBN* From $49.90 12/1 20GB $1197.60
Harbour ISP * $49.90 12/1 100GB $299.70
Harbour ISP * $49.90 50/20 20GB $299.40
DeVoteD NBN* $49.95 12/1 50GB $1198.80
DeVoteD NBN* $49.95 25/5 10GB $1198.80
Harbour ISP * $49.95 100/40 15GB $299.70
Engin NBN Lite* $49.95 12/1 25GB $1198.80
iiNet NBN-1 Standard* $49.95 12/1 40GB $1198.80
Internode Bronze* $49.95 12/1 30GB $1198.80
iPrimus Fibre Light Starter* $49.95 12/1 40GB $1310.75
MyNetFone NBN 12* $49.95 12/1 120GB $1198.80
SkyMesh NBN-FC40* $49.95 25/10 40GB $599.40
SkyMesh NBN-FE20* $49.95 100/40 20GB $599.40
Telstra BigPond Elite Liberty* $49.95 25 50GB $2314.60
Club Telco Bronze* $50.00 12/1 50GB $650.00
Exetel NBN 25/5-100* $50.00 25/5 100GB $700.00
Exetel NBN 50-50* $50.00 50/20 50GB $700.00
Exetel NBN 100-75* $50.00 100/40 75GB $700.00

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