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  • Need open source Django CRM? Cuddle up to Koalix

    CRM is an application with a long history of open source development, with many projects written the PHP language. However, a Swiss developer has released one of the first open source CRM systems developed with the Django Python framework.

  • CRM on a smartphone

    On busy weekends in Las Vegas, getting a drink at many bars and nightclubs can be a full-contact sport. First you muscle your way through a crowd to get near the bar. Then you shout your order and hope the bartender hears it right.

  • What the cloud really costs: Do you know?

    For CIOs who distrust most technological promises (having heard too many of them), cloud computing sets off alarm bells. Yet those CIOs finding success in the cloud say their colleagues should be equally skeptical of IT managers who claim they can deliver better and cheaper results internally. (For expert advice about cloud-vendor contracts, see "How the Cloud Can Turn Toxic</a>.)

  • Employers look to address skills shortage

    Ongoing investment in software and infrastructure projects by enterprise is fuelling demand for program managers, according to the [[xref:|April-June quarterly report]] by recruiting group, Hays.

  • What are you saying: 18 February 2011

    Every week, <i>Computerworld Australia</i> collates all the things our readers have been saying about the news, both in the forums and in comments.

  • TechnologyOne hires CRM general manager

    Local cloud software provider TechnologyOne has appointed customer relationship management (CRM) specialist, Nick Davey, as its first CRM general manager.

  • South Australia makes moves to public Cloud

    South Australian government agencies are in continuing talks with private and public Cloud providers, with the Office of the Chief Information Officer looking specifically at whole-of-government Web-based collaboration tools.

  • TechnologyOne takes on Cloud competitors

    ASX-listed business software provider TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) has restructured its business as it sets its sights on winning Cloud business from overseas vendors such as SAP and Oracle.