Stories by Darren Pauli

AusCert 2010: Is this skirt too short?

I stopped in my tracks as I ran, fashionably late, to the opening AusCERT 2010 keynote by encryption oracle Whitfield Diffie. I wasn't struck by the fusillade of coloured lights on the vendor floor, nor did I stop to gawk at Alphawest's giant inflatable basketball. It was the pair of 18-something year-old Meter Maids that seem to have got lost while frolicking the streets of Queensland's Gold Coast and found themselves as Kaspersky's booth babes.

AusCert 2010: Hanmore back to CERT

After less than a year at Microsoft, security officer Karl Hanmore has left the Redmond giant to return to work for Australia's national cyber security team.

SCAG lags on R18+ games

Australia's Attorney-Generals have remained coy on whether classification reform for video games will be considered before the federal election.

Piracy stats BS, A?

I am sceptical of most surveys in the tech industry, and am inclined to take them with a grain of salt, but I burst into guffaw on receipt of one incredulous gem from the Business Software Alliance, a conglomerate of the world's largest software providers.

Ludlam: Filter opponents "stand-up now"

Green Senator Scott Ludlam hit out at the Federal Government’s Internet content filtering plan, calling for opponents to "stand-up" in Senate yesterday.

Net Filter companies losing ISP business

Sales of web content filters to the telecommunications industry have frozen as reluctant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) wait for possible subsidy under the Federal Government’s national Internet content filter plan.