Stories by Julian Bajkowski

Analysis: Alston to almost, sort-of, ban spam

Cabinet has approved the introduction of national anti-spam legislation to counter the slew of electronic garbage inundating Australian inboxes. Draft legislation is expected to be made public in around a month and is slated to be put before parliament for the spring sitting later this year.

Trojan attacks at home cause office headaches

In a refreshing dalliance with reality, IT security companies are warning of king-sized headaches for enterprises customers as home PCs are hijacked and turned into spam and porn servers. A rapid escalation in Trojan attacks aimed at 'mum, dad and the kids' consumers is hitting employees who 'take their work home'. As usual, it is Windows-based machines that are in the frame.

DIMIA defends IT performance against Audit Office

The CIO of the Department of Immigration Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs has hit back at criticism by a recent Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) report claiming the beancounter's report uses foggy language, fails to adequately differentiate between information technology systems and business processes and failed to understand the nature of key implementations.

Commission rejects union appeal against e-mail blocks

A precedent has been set in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) allowing companies to block employee access to union e-mail.
The ruling has widespread ramifications in the enterprise concerning how companies manage e-mail. It is also a serious setback for unions seeking access to employees in the workplace.

Defence chiefs fire network-centric salvo

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is aiming to unify all its information systems into a single virtual private network over the next 20 years to reap benefits as part of its massive Network Centric Warfare (NCW) initiative.

Apple takes aim at government, defence and media

Apple Computer has signalled its intent to play hardball in courting the Australian government and military space. The vendor has announced Tony King as its new Asia-Pacific managing director as well as a specialist Canberra-based sales unit.

The main game

Australia’s IT leaders are big-game players. Challenged and excited by the technology, they know the wooden spoon awaits those who forget what their businesses or organisations are all about.

ACA blocks phone jammers in prisons

Aussie crims will get to keep their mobile phone coverage for the time being after the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) threw out any possibility of prisons using mobile phone jamming devices, claiming the risk to lives and services of legal users in the community is just too great.

Alston flags convergence of airwave regulators

In a significant tactical move in the growing media consolidation debate, Communications minister Richard Alston has flagged the government's intention to merge communications regulatory bodies the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) and the Australian Communications Authority (ACA).

Palladium no threat to antivirus industry: Dozortsev

Microsoft's controversial Palladium security initiative's ability to kill off the antivirus industry by eliminating vulnerabilities lies within the same realm of probability as a collision between the earth and the moon.

Business process key to ID management payback

CIOs salivating at the potential benefits of identity management urgently need to get their business processes in order if they want to reap substantive and measureable ROI, according to IBM Tivoli's visiting large enterprise and government security and ID management executive Bob Kalka.

Bank chief broadsides counter-terrorism data demands

Australian Banking Association chairman and Commonwealth Bank CEO David Murray last week threw a grenade into the counter-terrorism debate warning the federal government that banks will not allow access to customer data as part of joint information-sharing initiatives.

Wombats threaten Thredbo comms

As the first snows fall upon the alpine village of Thredbo, business owners and residents live daily in mortal fear that a ravenous wombat will gnaw through the single fibre optic line between themselves and the rest of humanity.

Judge: Hacking legally unsuitable as weekend hobby

A Bankstown man who admitted to hacking into the systems of Australia's second largest telco Optus and Flow Communications has been convicted on an appeal by the DPP in the NSW District Court, fined $4000 and placed on a two year good behaviour bond.