Stories by Julian Bajkowski

Westpac tightlipped on secret penguin business

Only a week after Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer hit Australian shores to appease twitchy customers, IBM has jetted in its chief Linux salesman John Vitkus in a concerted effort to open the hearts, minds and wallets of Australian banks and financial institutions to penguin-flavoured solutions.

Storage crisis tipped for 2007, or 2004

Let it not be said that vendors resort to wild claims in an attempt to drum up business. At least not the level-headed folks at StorageTek who have boldly predicted that the sheer volume of data - and hence demand for intelligent storage solutions - as opposed to space, will literally explode come 2007.

US Defence research chief heads up software engineers conference

Former US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency Information Science and Technology panel (DARPA) (ISAT) chairman Stephen Cross has been announced as the keynote speaker at the 9th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference to be held on Queensland's Gold Coast from December 4 to 6.

SBS to screen not-so Secret History of Hacking

It's not everyday one sees the likes of Steve Wozniak, John Draper (aka Captain Crunch) and Kevin Mitnick all sitting down around a table to reminisce about the good old days of hacking, but that's precisely what SBS is dishing up on Saturday October 19 at 7.30pm in the form documentary retrospective on the forgotten roots of hacking.

AMP's $1.375m CIO eliminated

AMP CIO Warwick Foster has been sacked in a boardroom decapitation festival following the company's ruthless punishment by shareholders over poor financial performance and market concerns over the company disclosure processes.

Federal Govt centralises IT spending

The Federal Government has moved to dramatically recentralise its IT investment policy with the launch of a new 'federated' structure to oversee and coordinate ICT investment and governance (ICTIG) for the whole of government.

CIO ditches financials for fins

Three weeks is a long time in the banking world, especially when the sun is shining and the surf is up. In a low-key changing of the guard Nigel Smyth has been appointed CIO at Macquarie Bank, replacing Ian Graham who has, at least according to his former employer, taken up life as a waxhead, replete with a brand new surfboard under his arm as a parting gift.

Manufacturing's sunshine gives vendors a glow

Faint signs of an IT spending lift are emerging from the Australian manufacturing sector. Powered along by robust domestic consumer spending and a near-maniacal housing market, some manufacturing companies appear to be in a situation which sees them with some cash to reinvest in their businesses and aged or nearly redundant ERP and supply chain management systems.

CIOs help those who help themselves

Insourcing end-user support services - moving them back in-house -- is gaining momentum as IT managers struggle to maintain costs and vendors slash headcounts.