Stories by Julian Bajkowski

OptusNet hacker guilty, hacking labelled 'intellectual pursuit'

NSW Police have scored a pyrrhic victory over the hacking of Internet service provider OptusNet with a Bankstown (Sydney) man proven guilty of two counts of unauthorised modification of data with intent to cause impairment before the New South Wales District Court.

Della Bosca gets IT – and four other portfolios

Anyone hoping for the information economy to be propelled to new heights in New South Wales as a result of Premier Bob Carr's cabinet reshuffle may be disappointed as Labor's factional right poster-boy John Della Bosca takes over the reins as new IT Minister -- along with four other portfolios.

Westpac calls in cops to shift website squatters

What first appeared to be the second web-related bank scam in Australia in a week has transpired to be a fiscally harmless but very annoying case of cyber-squatters for Australia's oldest bank Westpac. The bank has assured customers their funds and details are safe.

War-related IT attacks slammed

The prospect of a retaliatory cyberterror or info-war attack on Australia’s critical telecommunications infrastructure by Iraq has been publicly hosed down as "industry rumour" by Telstra’s chief technology officer Dr Hugh Bradlow.

Telstra plans natural language engines

Telstra will start selling enterprise grade, home grown ‘natural language’ speech recognition engines directly into the Australian market over the next two years, according to its chief technology officer Dr Hugh Bradlow. Technical details so far are scant, but the technology will use user-voice executed commands combined with artificial intelligence systems to deliver services and transactions.

Total state control will stop net attacks: Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky, head of Muskovite antivirus research outfit Kaspersky Labs, has revealed a brave new vision for a safer cybersphere which, if successful, will redefine the very nature of information as we know it: state control of the Internet.

Policy plea sees party pressure on Alston

Internal party pressures on Federal Communications and IT Minister Senator Richard Alston to either lift his game or hand back his portfolio spilled into the public arena last week.

Government agencies get lowdown on vendor hype

Australian government outsourcing clients are fed up with lip service and have started flexing their contractual muscle when it comes to making outsourcing vendors perform, according to Meta Group vice president for government strategies John Goggin.

Loebenstein lets fly at blame game

St George CIO John Loebenstein has delivered a peppery wake-up call to business leaders to stop blaming the IT department for project failures and take some responsibility for poor management culture themselves.

Axiom snaps up enterprise user satisfaction surveys

Acquisition-hungry marketing services and research company Axiom has acquired vendor satisfaction rating products "The Canberra Report" and "The Corporate Report" from boutique banking and finance research company East and Partners for an undisclosed sum.

Foxtel smoking logs fracas turns to legal farce

Australia's largest pay TV provider Foxtel has backed away from claims made before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) that it keeps no records of call centre employee e-mails. The claims were made by legal representatives for the company during a hearing into an attempt to sack a Foxtel employee for allegedly passing confidential information to a relative after gaining access to her supervisor's e-mail account.

NSW Fair Trading brandishes analytics stick

The NSW Department of Fair Trading has announced a $300,000 investment in a NetMap Analytics system to help seek and destroy the plethora of scam peddlers operating in the Premier State.