Stories by Andrew Birmingham

Using responsive design to lower build and support costs

IT departments are increasingly required to deliver services out to the mobile Web, but in circumstances under which they have no control or even certainty over the types of devices being used by staff and customers to view content.

Friday Grok: You can read Facebook’s results anyway you want

Facebook’s first result since its IPO has generally met the expectations of analysts, who previously the social network could conveniently ignore. In the current climate, meeting expectations counts as a win, particularly for Facebook which has been rightly slammed for the conduct of its float.

Monday Grok: Why rob a bank when you can issue a prospectus?

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the forest. Groupon stock closed on Friday at $7.79. It's the first time it has ended a session below $7.90 and that is a significant benchmark in a way that's either depressing or amusing depending on your sense of irony.

Wednesday Grok: SOPA is back from the dead, and this time it’s a Zombie

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which raised so much sound and fury last year, is missing a few limbs, and it’s not as obvious as before. But as [[xref: |<i>Techcrunch</i>|]] pointed out, this “Zombie SOPA” is still intent upon visiting a fairly aggressive anti-piracy regime upon the world.

Friday Grok: Everything has changed forever as Apple closes in on parity

How long has it been since Wintel was synonymous with control and unchallengeable with orthodoxy? For the Angry Birds generation, it’s just a Wikipedia definition, or a check box in a job ad. Go on, Google it, if you can handle the irony. For many of us, though, it was a way of life — like food queues for an East German.