Stories by Andrew Birmingham

F2 sells Sold to Yahoo

Yahoo Inc.'s Australian unit plans to acquire from John Fairfax Holdings Ltd.'s f2 Internet group. The companies will also enter into a marketing agreement to continue distributing Sold content across f2's network of sites.

Latest Unix News - IBM increases Linux commitment

In the latest news from the daily Unix news service from AUUG and Computerworld, IBM puts a Big Blue stamp on Linux; Sun outlines plan for powerful multimedia chip; Siebel delivers apps for handhelds, DB2, Solaris; Linus Torvalds says open source not a guarantee of success; and Tivoli tool eases remote backup.

Survey - Help Australian Companies to Understand the Internet - Win $2000!!!

APT Strategies Pty. Ltd is currently running the Australian Online Brand Survey, looking at 200 of Australia's top brands online. By participating in this survey, you will be helping these companies understand the Internet and how it affects their brands. At the same time you will have the chance to win $2000.

Latest Unix, Linux and open source news from AUUG and ComputerWorld

ComputerWorld and the Australian Unix User Group bring you the latest Unix, Linux and open source news from around the world as it happens. In recent developments - CA Buys Network Security Software Firm; 'IT rebel' Torvalds awarded honorary doctorate ; PKI Validation Tool Reassures; Phoenix Readies Firmware for Intel IA-64 Feature: Risky Business.
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Dispatches: Is print dead?

Video killed the Radio Star, and just as surely the Internet is killing the tradition of Weetbix, toast and the daily terror

Dispatches: New solutions

To make the most of knowledge-based industries, the IT industry needs to push general IT skills out wider into the community

Dispatches: Once were cannibals

Companies will make a killing online, but the trick is to think outside the square. Electronic commerce is about much more than Web based inventory tracking

Dispatches: When the bubble bursts

If you invested in Net stocks when the ride was just beginning, things must be looking pretty good right now. But don't get too confident. The gig is just about over!

Dispatches: We're doomed - I quit!

In March I am handing over all final information technology responsibility to our IS manager thereby freeing myself from the millennium demons. Time to get going while the going is good

Back on the fringe?

As the masses prepare to line up on either side of the ballot box, industry policy still seems to be a dirty word in some political agendas.

Dispatches: Net gains

A survey of ComputerWorld readers found that on average they spend about six hours of their working week on the Web. For most, that's more than 10 per cent of an average working week!