Stories by Brian Fonseca

Cyber-Attacks Hit Coffers for $260M in 1999

A new report shows that the cost of computer crime in the United States is rising dramatically, but even more alarming may be the increasing number of IT managers who aren't even sure if they have been a victim.

NSI Acquisition to Give Verisign Domain-Naming

VeriSign Inc. announced an agreement last week to acquire Internet domain-name registrar Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) in a $21 billion stock deal. The aim of the deal is to streamline the process of establishing an e-commerce presence for Verisign customers by allowing them to purchase Verisign's authentication, security, and trust services, while simultaneously registering their domain names, said Anile Pereira, vice president of the Internet Services Group at Verisign.

Keeping Internet-Business Fraud in Check

Fraud is one of the worst fears any businessperson faces, whether running an online shop or a brick-and-mortar enterprise. What if the customer is passing bad checks or bad credit cards?

Merging Vendors Target Windows Networks

This week's announcement that Mission Critical Software Inc., NetIQ Corp., and Ganymede Software Inc. are to merge has highlighted how smaller network management vendors are moving from offering products that solve specific problems to suites that can be used to manage entire network infrastructures.

Vendors Roll Dice with Network Management Mergers

A GROWING NUMBER of network management vendors are sacrificing independence and identity to bolster their product suites with new technologies and stronger infrastructure management capabilities through mergers.

Network Mgmt. Merger Targets E-Business, Win2K

A trio of network management vendors on Monday agreed to merge in a $2.7 billion deal that will provide e-businesses and users of Windows 2000 and Windows NT with a suite of products to enhance network infrastructure performance and to manage applications on an integrated platform. Network directories also are key to the alliance.

Anti-DoS Efforts Take Hold at Universities

A GROUP OF security companies and organizations are expected to announce an initiative next week that will provide universities with free software to help guard themselves against being turned into "zombies" used to launch a distributed (DoS) denial of service attack.

Platforms to Automate Net Defense

WITH IT MANAGERS still sorting through the implications of the recent DoS (denial of service) attacks on high-profile Web sites, network management vendors are bolstering their management platforms to ward off -- and effectively react to -- network hacks. Tivoli Systems will address network vulnerability with the announcement next week of a product line dubbed Tivoli SecureWay Risk Manager, which will automate the steps for businesses to react to network attacks.

RSA Security CEO Discusses PKI

As the RSA Conference entered its ninth year last month in San Jose, Calif., Art Coviello Jr. was at the helm, appointed as CEO of RSA Data Security Inc. just days earlier. In an interview with InfoWorld Reporter Brian Fonseca, Coviello outlined his views on his new position at RSA Security, the evolving complexity of IT security as business-to-business commerce and wireless grows, and the topics of interest expected to dominate the RSA Conference 2000 floor.

Yahoo Outage Raises Web Concerns

If an Internet giant like Yahoo can be crippled for a few hours from a denial of service attack, is any Web site or Web service truly safe from a similar type of directed assault?

Load Balancing Evolves

VENDORS JOCKEYING for position in the crowded but lucrative load-balancing market space may be left in the cold if LAN switches become smart enough to successfully bridge and manage the IP address gap between the router and the switch on its own.

Cisco unveils CiscoWorks Windows 5.0

Looking to provide small to medium work environments and networks with increased management capabilities, Cisco has unveiled the CiscoWorks Windows 5.0 management package for networks using Cisco hardware.