Stories by Robert McMillan

Intel readies 8-core, 16-core Itanium 2

Intel's much-anticipated multicore processor, code-named Tanglewood, will contain eight processor cores when it ships, sources close to the chip maker revealed on Wednesday.

Sun offers sub-$10,000 four-way system

Sun Microsystems on Wednesday will continue its fight for the volume systems market with three new products, including a new four-way server priced under US$10,000.

Welcome to the post-boom Sun

As it prepares for its annual user conference in San Francisco this week, Sun Microsystems has a lot to prove. The company that once boasted of being the "dot in dot com" has watched its position as an industry leader erode over the last few years as the iconoclast image and corporate culture that served it so well during the Internet boom has worked against it during leaner times.

Torvalds to SCO: Negotiate what?

The war of words between The SCO Group and the Linux community escalated this week in a flurry of open letters, the latest from Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

Forrester: Linux development can be more costly

Creating and maintaining a custom Web-based application with Java and Linux is almost 40 per cent more expensive than using Microsoft's software, a Microsoft-commissioned report from Forrester Research claims.

Blade vendors to launch standards effort

A group of server vendors led by Intel will launch a new effort to create standard ways of building and managing blade and rack servers next week at the Intel Developer Forum, in San Jose, California.

Legato adds snapshot management to NetWorker

Legato Systems on Monday will unveil a new add-on to its NetWorker backup software that aims to simplify the management of system image snapshots created by a variety of different storage vendors.

Eclipse may take new name after reorganisation

The group in charge of the open-source Eclipse project approved a three month long restructuring process this week that should reduce IBM's dominant role in the effort and make the project more attractive to Java vendors such as Sun Microsystems and BEA Systems.

Microsoft benchmarks step up Linux assault

Stepping up its campaign against the Linux operating system, Microsoft has released file and Web serving benchmark results that, it claims, show that Linux on the mainframe lags behind Windows 2003 on Intel systems in terms of performance for the money.

SCO fined €10,000 for Linux claims

The SCO Group has been fined €10,000 (US$10,800) for violating a German court's ruling that SCO must cease claiming that the Linux source code violates its intellectual property, SCO confirmed on Monday.

Lab soups up Linux supercomputer

A 2,000-processor Intel Corp. Itanium 2 supercomputer at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL) has edged out Lawrence Livermore National Lab's Intel Xeon-based Multiprogrammatic Capability Cluster for the title of world's fastest Linux supercomputer, according to PNNL.

IBM offers FAStT600 turbo-charge

IBM next month will offer some new enhancements to its FAStT600 storage server that it says will improve its performance and double the amount of data that the system can store.

SCO website hit by denial of service attack

The SCO Group's wesite was accessible again on Monday after being down for about three days, the victim of a denial of service (DOS) attack launched by a "senior" member of the open source community, according to open source advocate, Eric Raymond.

SCO CEO says IBM behind open source attacks

IBM has been quietly stage-managing the open source community's response to The SCO Group's US$3 billion lawsuit over Big Blue's contributions to the Linux source code, SCO's Chief Executive Officer Darl McBride said in an interview at his company's SCO Forum user conference in Las Vegas this week.