Stories by China Martens

Google hit with second lawsuit over Library project

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has filed suit against Google over the search company's Google Print Library Project, the organization announced Wednesday. The project, which involves scanning library books without seeking copyright holders' permission, has proved controversial with publishers. This is the second suit to be filed against Google by a US body representing writers and publishers.

Microsoft researcher, wiki creator joins Eclipse

Microsoft researcher Ward Cunningham is joining the Eclipse Foundation, according to a Web log entry posted by Eclipse executive director Mike Milinkovich Monday. Cunningham's role at the nonprofit foundation will be to help improve collaborative and cooperative efforts between members of the Eclipse open-source community.

IBM to unwrap first dual-core Xeon 'Paxville' servers

IBM is due to unveil its first two 64-bit servers based on Intel's dual-core Xeon chip, formerly code-named Paxville DP, when the chip giant launches the processor Monday. Under a promotional deal to last through year-end, Big Blue will sell one of the servers for the same price as the single-core model it replaces, according to an IBM executive. The move is designed to provide an additional incentive for users to adopt dual-core computing sooner rather than later.

Socialtext to open source bulk of its software

Socialtext plans to open source more than 80 percent of its software, the company announced Wednesday. The U.S. startup specializes in software and support for enterprises looking to set up their own internal wikis and Web logs.

IBM has first Grid and Grow app partners

IBM announced the first application vendors -- SAS Institute and Absoft -- to support its Grid and Grow bundle of software, hardware and services Tuesday. Big Blue first unveiled the bundle two months ago positioning it as a starter pack for midsize and large companies wanting to move into grid computing. IBM is now looking to extend the offering in a variety of ways both in terms of targeted users and vendor support.

IBM to target SMBs with first Power5+ servers

IBM released the first servers based on its new 64-bit Power5+ processors Tuesday. The machines are aimed at small to midsize businesses (SMBs). They include several new products, notably a quadcore server, together with new virtualization and systems management software.

IBM, Univa partner on grids

IBM is to license commercial releases of Globus middleware from open-source grid software startup Univa, according to a partnership deal announced Monday. Big Blue will also use Univa's software internally on its grid projects, according to a company executive. The announcement was made at the GridWorld show in Boston running Oct. 3-6.

HP to buy blade management expert RLX

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is to buy RLX Technologies as a way to provide better systems management for HP blades running Linux, the company announced Monday. The deal is part of HP's strategy to plug holes in its enterprise management product portfolio via acquisition.

Dear IT graduate, just one word -- mainframes

Imagine today's computer science students experiencing the kind of cocktail party thrown for Benjamin Braddock by his parents in the 1967 movie The Graduate. As the students wonder about what the future may hold, various older figures sidle up with one-word suggestions about possible careers. Java, Linux and Internet you'd expect to hear whispered, but mainframes? Not so much.

EqualLogic aims at enterprises, backs Microsoft

EqualLogic unveiled a new storage array, the PS300E, its first product targeting enterprises as well as its traditional midrange customer base Tuesday at the Storage Decisions conference in New York. The storage area network (SAN) company also stepped up its partnership with Microsoft, announcing support for the vendor's new System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) continuous data protection software.

Dell talks up multicore servers, workstations

Dell has added multicore technology to its single-core dual-socket servers and workstations, the company announced Monday. Dell claims the new systems provide a maximum improvement in performance of 53 percent compared with the single-core, dual-socket machines they supersede.

Shareholders pressure Sun on two fronts

Sun Microsystems shareholders are asking the company to reconsider its policies related to executive compensation and its "poison pill," according to two proposals contained in a proxy statement filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week.

Former Novell exec's firm supports Suse Linux, rebrands

StreamServe, helmed by the former second-in-command at Novell, has announced its software now supports Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9. The move is part of StreamServe's revamping of its image put in place since the Novell executive joined the company in April and a way to garner more business, particularly in Europe.

HP to acquire Peregrine Systems for $425 million

HP is to acquire IT asset and service management software vendor, Peregrine Systems, in a cash deal for $US425 million. By integrating Peregrine's products into its HP OpenView systems management suite, HP hopes to position itself as one of the market leaders in asset management software.

IBM, Red Hat to galvanize Linux in emerging markets

IBM and Red Hat unwrapped a joint worldwide initiative to try to speed up the development and adoption of Linux-based applications Friday. The companies are placing particular emphasis on emerging markets, like China, India, Russia and South Korea, according to a Big Blue executive. The deal is very similar to one IBM struck with Red Hat's main Linux competitor, Novell, back in March.