Stories by Rodney Gedda

Cosying up to vendors brings risks: Burton

Take a closer look at the risks that accompany too much "handholding" with the likes of Dell, HP, IBM and Sun, Gartner told IT managers last week and warned of the perils of relying too heavily on the Big Four system vendors.

Security by design beats ‘retro-fitting’

Corporate network security is increasingly becoming a design consideration rather than a matter of “retro-fitting” security appliances and software, according to industry consultants.

Film school sees success with open source CMS

An open-source content management system is saving the Australian Film, Television and Radio School thousands of dollars in up-front licensing fees for its 1500-page Web environment.

Sun's new strategist talks of tools, and fools

Technology is just a tool and "a fool with a tool is still a fool", according to Larry Singer, the newly appointed senior vice president of global market strategies at Sun Microsystems.

Enterprise grids prep wider technology vision: Oracle

With recent fanfare surrounding the direction and delivery of grid computing technology by major systems vendors including Sun, IBM, and HP, Oracle has started deploying the technology within the enterprise as a precursor to trans-data centre grids, according to Oracle Australia’s director of technology and business Roland Slee.

Licence woes hound SCO library users

As the world awaits the ramifications of The SCO Group’s Linux intellectual property licence, Linux users with SCO shared libraries installed for running Unix applications may have an additional licence to deal with regardless of the outcome, according to FreeBSD lead developer and Australian Unix User Group president Greg Lehey.

Reporting tool speeds ROI for parts maker

An integrated reporting and analysis system has delivered ROI in less than six months for National Parts, a division of Automotive Components and maker of car parts.

Rugby World Cup scores secured with SSL VPN

Some 1500 Rugby World Cup field staff will be updating match scores and other statistics during the tournament securely with an SSL VPN solution, according to Nortel Networks Australia and New Zeland director of enterprise sales support Andrew Cook.

HP targets local Sun shops

Hewlett-Packard has started its campaign to help Sun users to migrate off Solaris systems to its Intel-based servers, according to the company’s business critical systems manager Steve Williamson.

Democrats delay open source, move on RFID

South Australian Democrat Ian Gilfillan has delayed pushing for a final vote on his long-standing open source procurement bill and will endeavour to introduce another aimed at “safeguards” on RFID technology before the end of the year.

HP targets local Sun shops with direct campaign

HP has started its campaign to help Sun users to migrate off Solaris systems to its Intel-based servers, according to the company’s Australia and New Zealand business critical systems manager, Steve Williamson.

WA Blind reduces TCO with health CRM

The Association for the Blind of Western Australia (WA Blind) has successfully implemented a health CRM system that is a 95 per cent fit without customising, according to the association's technology services manager David Gribble.

HIC upgrades 4500 PCs, looks at Linux

The Health Insurance Commission (HIC) has begun a technology review covering its outsourcing agreement with IBM GSA and an investigation into Linux as a way to reduce operating costs.