Stories by Rodney Gedda

War Memorial gets fibre fit-out

Supplementing its “forklift” networking infrastructure upgrade, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra has started transferring data between offices over a private fibre link.

Apple unleashes Panther at sysadmin conference

Looking to further increase its status as an enterprise IT systems provider, Apple has demonstrated the management capabilities of OS X, and has hinted at how the version – codenamed Panther – will integrate such tools.

Advanced Centre plans Linux supercomputer

Less than two months after the University of Queensland announced plans to build a 128-node Linux supercomputer, the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications (ac3) will eclipse that by installing a 147-node cluster running at some 1.5 teraflops in its Sydney data centre.

Tourism commission powers up data centre

As part of a six-month infrastructure overhaul, the Australian Tourism Commission has implemented rackmounted uninterruptible power supplies in its Sydney data centre.

Sydney Uni secures WLAN

With an existing wireless networking infrastructure in place, Sydney University’s Clinical Trials Centre (a research unit of the National Health and Medical Research Council) has implemented a two-factor authentication system while upgrading to the 802.11a standard.

Open source faces NSW govt evaluation

As governments across Australia debate the ramifications of open source software, the NSW Department of Commerce has set up an open source evaluation project involving some 40 agencies.

SA Uni goes live with massive wireless network

In what may be the largest of its type in Australia, the University of South Australia will begin using its new 802.11g-based wireless network this week, less than one month after the IEEE officially ratified the standard.

Fair crack of the chip

There's no doubt modern microprocessor technology has permanently enhanced the IT landscape. The desktop has evolved from a glorified calculator to a marvel of real-time 3D gaming. But what about us enterprise PC users? Must we be forced into this abhorrent trap of perpetual upgrade cycles?

Medical records go mobile

Australian company Core Medical Solutions has started trialling a wireless implementation of its patient records system – The Boss.

Promoter consolidates with blades

Creata Promotion, a Sydney-based international marketing company, has consolidated nearly all of its global domain backups on blade servers as part of an infrastructure consolidation project.

25 Q&As: Milking e-commerce, not the IT budget

As part of Computerworld's silver anniversary celebrations 25 IT managers recall the ups and downs of their careers. Here, Garry Whatley, CIO, Corporate Express Australia, Rosebery, NSW, shares his experiences with Rodney Gedda.

25 Q&As: Knowledge management at school of the year

As part of Computerworld's silver anniversary celebrations 25 IT managers recall the ups and downs of their careers. Here, Janet Smith, Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew, Melbourne shares her experiences with Rodney Gedda.