Stories by Rodney Gedda

Linux breaks desktop barrier in 2004: Torvalds

This year will see Linux finally crack the lucrative desktop market as more commercial software vendors tool up and cash in on the operating system and kernel developers improve graphical interface integration says cult hero and Linux founder Linus Torvalds. Computerworld's Rodney Gedda cornered the penguin power supremo at the in Adelaide.

CSIRO brings open source data mining to business

With Linux and open source software, CSIRO’s mathematical and information sciences division is now able to model information for business benefit without relying on proprietary software, according to principal computer scientist for enterprise data mining Dr Graham Willliams.

MPs preach open standards for government IT

A move to open source and away from proprietary information management systems will help government departments avoid steep maintenance fees and increase the longevity of data, members of the ACT and South Australian parliaments said at the Linux open source in government conference in Adelaide.

Minter Ellison bets on PDF for external docs

With an existing internal document management system in place, legal firm Minter Ellison has become one of the largest local PDF production sites by rolling out a publishing application to some 1750 desktops.

ACT passes open source law

The Australian Capital Territory has become the first Australian jurisdiction to mandate the consideration of open source software for government entities after a bill proposed by ACT Democrats leader Roslyn Dundas was passed into law overnight.

Get Seti for massive computing project

The creator of the world's largest distributed computing project SETI@home was in Australia this week spruiking local participation in his supercomputing vision.

Janome plunges into OpenOffice

Sewing machine giant Janome has joined the slim ranks of adventurous Australian companies that have boldly ventured into the uncharted waters of an open source office suite.

UTS inks comms research partnership

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has signed a global research partnership with Alcatel in a bid to increase local R&D and commercialisation activity, according to the director of the Institute for Information & Communication Technologies Professor John Hughes.

Router fast tracks stock exchange

Abundant latency and reliance on origin-set destinations hinder today's communications systems, according to Mantara Software’s CTO Bill Segall at the launch of version 4.2 of the Elvin routing platform this week.

Bank completes $3m IT project

Elders Rural Bank, a joint venture between Bendigo Bank and Elders, has started using its new $3 million AgriBank System (ABS) allowing remote workers to conduct loan application and management, according to the company’s IT resources manager Brenton Parham.

Janome moves to ‘Webify’ ERP

Sewing machine distributor Janome has taken up the challenge to adopt a Web services architecture for its ERP system in a bid to rectify "non-existent" communication with its suppliers, according to the company's IT administrator Scott Langford.

UNSW gives dual 64-bit G5 workstations first run

After a lengthy wait since pre-ordering the machines when first announced, the University of New South Wales’ educational development and technology centre has become one of the first in Australia to use Apple’s new 64-bit Powermac G5, according to IT support and network administration manager Patrick Stoddart.