Stories by Tim Greene

Crossbeam boosts security appliance

Crossbeam Systems Inc. next week will introduce a software upgrade to its high-speed security gear that helps users protect their corporate assets from a variety of threats.

HP readies for assault on service providers

Now that Hewlett-Packard's merger with Compaq is a done deal, the company is moving forward rapidly to build on its already considerable business with service providers. The mantra for HP's network and service provider division is: standards and Linux. The company hopes to profit from the trend to drive proprietary hardware and software out of carrier networks and to convince service providers that hardened Linux platforms are just what they need for their next-generation networks.

SmartPipes supports Cisco's PIX firewall

SmartPipes says its VPN provisioning software now supports Cisco Systems Inc.'s PIX firewall, enabling customers to set firewall and VPN policies centrally using a graphical user interface.

Equant tunes VPN for video

Equant NV is introducing a managed VPN service designed to reduce customer costs for international videoconferencing.

Life after layoff

Late last January, Charles Cacioppo, an IT project manager for Prudential Securities, was basking in the fact that just the day before, he and his ad hoc team had completed a four-month project to wind down a medical form software system and switch it over to a service provider.

VPN gear plays multiple roles

Nokia is bolstering its IP family of firewall-VPN appliances to make it possible to use a single chassis to create a range of firewall and VPN security domains, reducing the need for multiple devices or buying a bigger box than is really needed.

Network vendor chiefs sign SEC statements

All the major networking companies that were supposed to actually did meet this week's deadline to file sworn statements from their CEOs and CFOs that their companies' most recent filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are accurate.

SSL gets respect from IPSec vendors

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., one of the largest VPN vendors, last week promised support for this browser-based technology, and a new entrant in this area, Whale Communications Ltd., will introduce hardware and software to enable secure Internet connections for corporate networks.

Blasting at Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain Networks Inc. is laying off 45 of 175 workers in an effort to cut US$3.5 million to $4.5 million in costs per year, while intensifying efforts to sell its latest carrier DSL gear to major service providers.

Verizon moves voice with packets

In what will likely be a long migration to an undetermined destination, Verizon Communications Inc. has started using packet switches to carry customer voice traffic in two metropolitan areas.

Marconi spells out its MPLS plan

In another attempt to show that it has a plan in mind for carrier Multi-protocol Label Switching networks, Marconi Corp. PLC has detailed how its gear can fit into service provider networks as they migrate from ATM core networks to IP-based backbones.

Starent wheels out gateway for mobile providers

Starent Networks Corp. this week announced shipment of an IP gateway introduced late last year that's designed to support voice and data services for wireless devices, including PDAs and cell phones.