Stories by Tim Greene

Redback Buys Network-Configuration Software

Redback Networks Inc. plans to give service providers the ability to deliver IP services faster by using assets it has gained from this week's purchase of Abatis Systems.

Startup Readies Voice, Data Service Mix

Everest Broadband Networks is joining the growing ranks of the most local of local carriers - those that sell combined voice and data services to specific buildings.

VPN Software from IRE Embraces Win 2000

Customers who don't want to upgrade every PC in their network to Windows 2000 but are looking to base their corporate VPN on Windows 2000 Server can now do so with the help of Information Resource Engineering (IRE).

SBC Can Pretest Your Network Design

SBC Communications Inc. has a new early-warning tool that lets it pound on virtual copies of customer networks to find out how much their real networks can stand before they break.

Network Startup King Expands His Realm

When it comes to building network infrastructure companies, Wu-Fu Chen has the golden touch. He's founded or co-founded companies such as Cascade Communications, Arris Networks and Shasta Networks Inc. and sold them to the likes of Cisco Systems Inc. and Nortel Networks Corp. for millions or even billions of dollars. Now he's helping to run four network startups, largely involved with supplying carriers looking to offer next-generation services for enterprise network customers. He met recently with Network World Senior Editor Tim Greene to talk about Santera, a new company building high-density voice and data switches for carriers, and the future of public networks.

Site Offers Online Telco Services Store

Corporate customers can now shop around to buy voice and data services online from a Web site that also offers free consulting about what services best meet their needs.