Stories by Michael Crawford

IT managers rate 2005's top techs

If 2004 was the year for CIOs to be a disciplined cost managers, 2005 will be the year to spend some of those hard-earned savings.

Techies to survive vendor cannibalism: recruiters

Despite a Christmas log-jam of IT vendor mergers - and the inevitable mass sackings that come with them - recruitment consultants believe core technical staff with IT vendors will retain their positions as their peers in sales, marketing and human resources are cut adrift.

Veritas customers demand answers

Australian IT managers are hoping the marriage between storage software vendor Veritas and security firm Symantec will spawn a superior product; however, many of Veritas' customers still seem blissfully unaware the merger is going ahead.

Federal guns database takes aim at states

Emboldened by its Senate majority, the federal government is pushing ahead with a proposed national database to monitor firearms and their owners in Australia, with Justice Minister Chris Ellison describing the project as a "radical overhaul" of firearms licensing, registration and tracking.

Prototype renews NT vehicle registrations

A prototype application for Web-enabling legacy systems has resulted in an online renewal service for vehicle registrations and driving licences in the Northern Territory.

Government review finds humans better experts than software

A Federal government review of so-called expert systems software used by public servants making policy decisions has found the software is useful but recommended human beings should ultimately retain control and responsibility over decision-making rather than computers.

Companies floundering with asset management

Asset management is like doing the dishes: eventually it has to be done and the more dishes that accumulate, the bigger the problem of keeping track of the task at hand.

Companies hunt outside for CIOs

Fewer than 40 percent of CIOs come from in-house promotions due to the training and development needed to groom prospects for the role.

Largesse goes to top end, full-timers

Contract rates for CIOs and IT managers have plummeted by up to 37 percent from last year, according to an annual remuneration survey from IT placement firm Ambition Recruitment.

Zinc whiskers found in War Memorial

Only weeks after the Australian Taxation office called in a specialist decontamination unit to exorcise the data centre demon of zinc whiskers, another Australian victim has stepped forward to warn others of the bizarre metallic syndrome.

ACA issues formal warning to Vodafone

Vodafone has received a formal warning from the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) for taking too long to convert users to alternative carriers.