Stories by Michael Crawford

Embattled bankers walk a compliance, BPO tightrope

Australia's banking sector is battling onerous compliance measures with some doubting whether current regulations will benefit customers, according to Westpac's business and technology solutions and services director Michael Coomer.

Debate soars: is a CIO worth $1m?

Revelations this week that Qantas CIO Fiona Balfour is earning a yearly salary of $1.2 million ignited debate about the value of a CIO and what they are really worth.

EDS announces massive job cuts

More than 6000 EDS employees in Australia face an uncertain future after the company announced it would axe up to 20,000 jobs worldwide within two years.

Qld council launches massive WiFi network

A million-dollar venture to ease IT burdens for small business in remote Australian locations could potentially find itself an exported as a wireless business model.

Intel unwires education sector

Intel has begun a push to 'unwire' Australia's education sector, creating a wireless environment for 25 local universities and earmarking a further 270 in the Asia-Pacific region.

Surfing porn on the boss's time

Nearly 70 percent of all pornographic traffic occurs during the nine to five workday. This equates to one in five Australian workers specifically surfing pornography online during their working hours, according to SexTracker, an online site that monitors and tracks online pornographic activity.

Middleware router to ease integration

Middleware that not only resolves disputes between legacy systems but removes the need for custom code design has the ability to re-invent the traditional processes an organization takes for enterprise application integration (EAI).

Evans takes a shot at DoD cost blowout

Shadow Defence Procurement Minister Chris Evans has lambasted the Department of Defence supply-chain cost blowout, saying such an IT project disaster in the private sector would see shareholders demanding the CEO's head.

Defence CIO missing in action

It has been almost a year since Patrick Hannan resigned as CIO of Department of Defence and a permanent replacement has still not been appointed.