Stories by Michael Crawford

Bandwidth freed through policy management

With companies opening network access to remote and mobile workers, customers, partners across myriad, critical applications, the challenge confronting network managers is to keep performance high and response times short.

Virus war still creating havoc for corporate users

More than 70 companies felt the sting last week of a silent but damaging virus war that has been raging since the start of the year between the authors of Netsky and Bagle is continuing to wreak havoc on corporate users worldwide.

Scams don't scare off online bank users

Despite the prevalence of phishing scams and other IT security related issues the number of online banking users in Australia continues to grow and now totals eight million.

Demand climbs quicker than pay rates: survey

ICT professionals are now seeing strong demand for their skills, contractors are being passed over in favour of full-time staff and positions in general management and sales and marketing are still higher paid than those in IT, according to a survey released today.

Retail group supports RFID code of practice

A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) code of practice is being developed in conjunction with the Australian Retailers Association, EAN Australia and the Privacy Commissioner.

EDS names Blacklaw as VP

Iain Blacklaw has been appointed to the position of vice president of service delivery for information technology services provider EDS.
Blacklaw replaces Louis Ivey, who is returning to the US for an executive role within EDS.

Unencrypted outsourced data faces tests

Outsourcing sensitive or mission-critical data without encrypting it first is like a bank opening a vault and handing out cash on the proviso it be returned in good nick.

Spyware goes to parliament

The spyware epidemic has turned the Internet into a nuisance marketing tool, according to the chief information officer (CIO) for Melbourne Health, Mary Wollmering.

CA names new MD

Computer Associates has appointed Gavin Selkirk as the managing director for the Pacific region following the promotion of John Ruthven to senior VP for the Asia Pacific and Japan.