Stories by Marc Songini

IBM exec shares views on internet security

Businesses today cannot afford to ignore the electronic business revolution, but they must come up with a comprehensive approach to network security if they hope to succeed.

IBM freshens up its directory technology

IBM this week previewed a new release of its directory technology designed to triple the speed at which end users can be authenticated to use network resources.

IBM and 3Com partnership has deep roots

IBM and 3Com's recent agreement to share patents doesn't add up to a revolution in networking, but it will probably give each vendor a slight advantage in their respective markets, observers say.

IBM pumps out storage router

IBM has announced an entry-level router that can act as the gateway between SCSI and Fibre Channel protocols.

IBM: Monterey isn't the end of AIX

IBM wants to reassure its Unix server customers that the coming of Project Monterey is not the swan song for traditional AIX, the company's version of Unix.

What's all the fuss about NUMA?

IBM is shelling out more than $US800 million for Sequent Computer Systems in no small part to get its hands on Sequent's non-uniform memory access (NUMA) technology.

Little IBM chip fuels faster gear

IBM's Network Hardware Division is developing a network chip that Big Blue hopes will power a fast, flexible new generation of IBM and third-party switches and boost the division's flagging fortunes.

Cisco peers into Future I/O

Network giant Cisco Systems is ready to join the Future I/O movement.
The only problem is that Cisco is not sure what devices could use the advanced input/output technology. Future I/O, however, could lead Cisco to places it has never gone before, such as high-speed disk mirroring, fail-over between servers and even storage area networks (SAN).

IBM making noise in voice over IP market

IBM's Networking Hardware Division apparently doesn't believe that integrating SNA and IP is enough -- the group is also looking to help customers run voice over their IP networks.

IBM reinvents Net unit . . . again

Just a year after its last major overhaul, IBM's Networking Hardware Division (NHD) is going through yet another disconcerting round of changes.

IBM reshuffles management

Jim Pertzborn, the head of IBM's networking hardware division (NHD) since last October, will be leaving the division to become general manager of personal computers and network computers at IBM's personal systems group, company sources say. Pertzborn replaces Bob Dies, who is retiring after 30 years at Big Blue.