Stories by Marc Songini

Cisco Boosts LAN Management

Cisco Systems Inc. is trying to make running Web-based applications on a campus or LAN (local area network) easier for IT staff.

CA targets quality of service

Computer Associates International is readying software to help companies ensure their networks deliver appropriate service levels to end users.

IBM Bolsters Networked Storage Capacity

Looking to significantly boost its networked storage systems and services, IBM Corp. will spend $400 million to add 1,000 salespeople, and offer new products and services that will cater to storage area network (SAN) customers.

SCO to Split Into Three

Unix vendor The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (SCO) last week announced it would split into three divisions, a move the company claims will boost its Linux and Internet prospects.

Windows 2000 coming to the AS/400?

Imagine running Windows 2000 natively on the AS/400? Well, it is at least within the realm of possibility, according to an IBM source.

IBM adds muscle to storage network line

While all Windows 2000 servers might look pretty much the same, IBM is attempting to differentiate its latest machines by delivering a complementary collection of storage-area network (SAN) products.

Merger Creates One-Stop Shop

Users could now have one company to go to get their Windows NT and Windows 2000 network performance monitoring, testing and management software.

Tivoli Coordinates Efforts of Security Tools

Worried about a hacker crashing your Web site, despite the arsenal of security tools you have in place? Tivoli Systems Inc. next week will attempt to address such concerns with software it claims can unite disparate security products to fight off denial-of-service attacks and other types of net assaults.