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Vent It: Windows XP SP3. Will it be worth the wait?

Computerworld Vent IT is your opportunity to unleash carefully proposed thoughts or wild raving rants. At the end of each week we invite you to comment on a story that piqued our interest. Let it all out and tell us what floats your boat or gets your blood boiling.

So to this week's topic... Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Open source key to Al Jazeera's Web 2.0 success

It has been maligned by the US administration because it has given a voice to its public enemy number one: Osama bin Laden, but Al Jazeera's motto of giving voice to all sides of a story is also reflected in its IT deployment. The news organisation is turning out to be a big fan open source software.

Slideshow: An insight into the Woz

Steve "Woz" Wozniak talks about why technologists are important, why he'd rather pimp his son in New York than have him be a network admin, and why Microsoft is not that evil. And much more.

Trujillo's message: Work for your shareholders, forget the rest

Telstra's CEO Sol Trujillo has given an insight into the challenges of taking on a business that was under performing, the added complexity of having to achieve targets with an ever watchful government, and then ensuring throughout the process that his commitment to shareholders has been fulfilled.

Eftel: 50Mbs broadband coming soon, ADSL2+ even sooner

Eftel will be able to offer customers average down and upload speeds of 50Mbs through its new super fast VDSL2 broadband service as early as April, provided the necessary regulatory requirements are handled quickly.